As believe hospitalization could have been reduced

I pursue my Doctorate of Nursing Practice, specializing as a pediatric nurse
practitioner, my long range objectives include expanding my scope of practice,
assuming a higher level of responsibility, accountability, and leadership in
the determination and management of patient care. Further, in my future
practice, I hope to establish a clinician-patient relationship focused on
health promotion and disease prevention, holistic care practices, and education family members on plans of
care across the childhood developmental years. My goal is to take on the
role of a primary care provider, integrating compassion, critical thinking,
sound clinical decision making, and evidence informed practice into every
aspect of care delivered. I hope to
combine my current clinical practice skills with the additional diagnostic
aspects of patient care. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I hope to
incorporate my passion for patient advocacy and individualized care, into an
expanded scope of practice, and to establish long term patient
relationships.  After successful
completion of this program, my long range objective is to feel confident in my
ability to correctly diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, and as a
result, be better able to assist my patients, with a focus on infants, children, and
adolescent and the family unit as a whole.


After completing the Bachelor of
Science in Nursing program at Davenport University in May of 2018, I started my
career as a registered nurse on the orthopedic, neurology, and trauma unit at
Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills, Michigan. During this time, I have been
exposed to a wide variety of patients with diverse needs and health
disparities. Through my experience on this floor, I have recognized how
imperative primary health care truly is. 
Primary care is often the initial point of entry into the health care
system, and if patients are managed well, some serious health conditions and
injuries could be avoided if an accurate diagnosis is made, correct counseling
is given and an individualized treatment plan is initiated early. I believe
hospitalization could have been reduced or perhaps avoided for many of the
patients I have cared for if they were properly educated on how to manage their
health. The Family Nurse Practitioner program will allow me to discover ways in
which I can provide this type of comprehensive care to patients of all ages. I
believe this program will give me the opportunity to bridge the gap between the
roles of a registered nurse and a physician. As a registered nurse, there is a
focus on patient advocacy, compassion, and engaging in the patient’s support
system. By utilizing these skills in combination with a more diagnostic role, I
will be able to provide my patients and their families with more rounded and
individualized care.


I believe
the strengths which allowed me to achieve my goal of becoming a registered
nurse are similar to those which will allow me to work towards becoming a pediatric
nurse practitioner. My ability to communicate and build relationships with
others has greatly assisted me in this career path. I find enjoyment in
establishing relationships with new people, learning from them, and responding
to their concerns. These skills are also useful in regards to
inter-professional communication and interactions. Each profession has a
different role on the health care team, but work towards the same goal of
providing the best and highest quality care for each patient. In order to
achieve this, effective communication between team members is extremely
important.  I believe clear communication
and establishing good professional and patient relationships will be just as
important in my role as a nurse practitioner. I value both integrity and work
ethic, and in order to achieve the best outcome for each patient, nothing less
than 100% effort is necessary at all times. Integrity and effort impact one’s
ability to meet a patient’s health care needs, emotional needs and their
overall satisfaction. In addition to my personal skills, I also possess strong
organizational skills which helps me utilize time well and manage my tasks and
priorities. This also allows me to place more of my focus on the needs of my
patients and assisting my co-workers. I am eager to learn and practice new
skills, and to apply to everything I learn in the Family Nurse Practitioner program.


As I work
towards my goal of becoming a family nurse practitioner, I recognize the
importance of identifying specific plans for professional development. These
career expansion activities will ensure that my future clinical practice meets
the highest quality standards in terms of providing excellent care. To ensure I
have the correct and current knowledge to meet these high standards, part of my
plan for professional development will include taking part in continuing
education and research opportunities. With a focus on family practice, part of
my research interest includes the prevention and management of chronic health
diseases, specifically hypertension and diabetes. As I work towards becoming a
primary care provider, my goal is to obtain an education that incorporates the
most current practice concepts and research allowing me to identify the most correct
strategies to decrease the incidence and severity of these conditions across
the lifespan.


The Family
Nurse Practitioner program at Davenport University will provide me with the
opportunity to achieve my career goals by affording me a graduate level
education which will provide me with the skills to become a primary care
provider, specializing in family medicine. I hope to attain the knowledge and
skill necessary to expand my scope practice in the determination and management
of patient care.



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