As most of the concept

As most of the concept testing occurs through the medium of personal contact which includes conducting interviews within a group (focus groups). (In Text Referencing) Similarly the response situation for the concept testing of this product would be held on a one on one basis/ directly interviewing. As with the help of personal contact the one who is conducting the interview (the interviewer) gets to answer questions and also gets to talk about certain aspects that are not very clear of that particular product. (In Text Referencing). It is often considered that the use of focus groups is excellent as well as beneficial as it allows how to react to others and then further leads to how the product can be used.

And therefore when it comes to the location of conducting it we need to think about the respondents as well. For example we need to make sure that the respondents are comfortable with the location while expressing their views and thoughts. Another important aspect when it comes to location is making sure if the location would fit 9 to 10 respondents as well as the co-ordinators where they can all view with each other. And the last aspect when it comes to the location is keeping in mind if the location can be accessed easily for example keeping in mind the respondents or co-ordinators with certain disabilities, keeping in mind their safety, if there is car parking or is the transportation easily available etc.

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