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As a student we are sheltered to and slow-paced work environment, not having many clients to care for having our instructors with us to seek advice on how to deal with each thing we may face. When these changes happen, and we are then left to make decisions on our own. We end up seeing that sometimes things are not as simple and cookie cutter as you may read in books and see from a class room. That is when the reality sets in and you may start to feel alone with your thoughts and feeling, and overwhelmed with all the changes and seeing that your expectation of what you thought it was to be a nurse and what it is are not the same. Sometimes you may feel over stressed/worked, tired, feeling as if you don’t have enough time to listen to every client as you had hoped. All of witch you never felt when taken care of clients when you were a student. So, seeking someone to talk to about all the new feelings you are facing will help you in so many ways. You should never feel alone and always seek a person you can turn to. As well get much exercise, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and quality time with loved ones, and time for yourself. There is no amount of schooling that could have prepared you for all the new things you will see and face on a shift, there is always something new going on with that said there may come a time when something happens on your shift that is not written in a note book somewhere. This is how we learn on the job and sometimes even that realty is not easy to face you become stressed and maybe upset, this stage will be very overwhelming at times but, with a very good support team around you and seeking out the help you may need could make this new realty a bit easier to deal with. This will be a phase and you move on to doing the job the best of your ability.Shock and Rejection PhaseDuring this phase you will really start to see how much expectation you had when you first chose nursing as your career path, and how you would make a difference in someone’s life. When you start to see that you have 15 clients a shift, you must bath them, take their vitals every hour, give them their medicine etc., but you do not have enough time to care for them longer and make sure ever small detail is taken care of because you need to move on to your next client to make sure they are taken care of as well. You now start to deal with death and see the many faces and care that are required is a lot more then maybe what you thought. So now you are left upset and angry at the medical staff that hired you for not giving you the tools to do the job you thought you singed up for. For example, less clients to care for in a 12-hour shift which would lead to more time for each of them. For the school for not given you more preparation time or more realty during your time in school to face the real-world issues when you become a full registered nurse. The truth is no matter how much time you have had nothing would prepare you for this new career. In life not just with nursing, but many other situations you may face, we need to learn to laugh a little and breathe deeply, learning to use tools to make them moments whenyou are feeling shocked and overwhelmed in this fast-paced environment you will learn how to be more valuable in them high stressed moments and not let it show to your clients.Recovery PhaseYou will know when you get to this phase once you start to feel like you have over come all the hard realities of being a nurse. You find your shift to be lighter on the soul and mind. You will start to smile more and enjoy those around you from all your coworker and clients, not every moment on your shift will feel like a stress-free zone as that is not a realty. It will just start to feel although you have becomeA better nurse as well. Your confidence will grow along with your ability to find better a better way to deal with feelings you have faced. You even start to see humor in the work place, your moods don’t seem to be angry and you look forward to going to work.With all the stages you have now faced in a short time, you now need to make sure you have all the tools ready for the workplace to keep you in check with your over all health, so finding someone close in the nursing staff that you can turn to with an open mind and ear. Who can keep you on a positive side of things and never tell you that you can’t get thought this. Its ok to have all the feelings you have had thought out this this is what makes you human and as a human we all have feelings and thoughts that are not always positive you are not the only one who has ever faced any of them if this was the case we would not be being learning about the phases of transitioning to nursing. Keeping a balanced life with work and home will always be a key to a successful career. Never lose the passion you felt when you first wanted to become a nurse this is what should drive you to always do your best and love your job. Finding where in the nursing field you see your self and working to achieve that goal to get there with hard work and deduction. This is all good ways to keep on track with your feelings there is many tools you can use that will help you this is just a few examples.


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