As (Jack London “The Law of Life”) Koskoosh

As life continues to go on and you age older you must start to realize when you can no longer contribute for yourself or someone else. “My eyes no longer show me the way of my feet, and my feet are heavy, and I am tired. It is well.” (Jack London “The Law of Life”) Koskoosh was getting to old and was starting not to be able to help the tribe and wasn’t doing anything good for them. He said his eyes no longer showed him the way as in they couldn’t guide him places to do work and his feet are heavy because he can barely move them to get around. “I am last year’s leaf, clinging lightly to the stem. The first breath that blows and I fall.” (Jack London “The Law of Life”) Koskoosh is comparing himself to a leaf on the stem that is barely holding on and that he old and is trying his hardest to help as much as he can. He is saying that he’s not strong enough or healthy enough to do anything good for the tribe, that he can no longer help them but that he will only prevent them from being successful.


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