As The reasons like that made me to

As far as ? remember I wanted to become a doctor .

At anearly age an  event influenced me to make that wish . When ? was an8 years old kid , I broke my arm and my parents quickly took me to the hospital. That was my first time at the hospital .

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I was frightened at first but The doctor’s ability to ease my pain, and his skillsof communication relaxed me .Doctor’s attitude and the way he help in thisevent  made me think of becoming a doctorsome day .I just wanted to help many people as possible . Ofcourse this childhold dream is not the single reason to become a doctor     Besides thedream also my personal characteristics was suitable for becoming a doctor .As ayoung boy, I was always one of the final contenders in the debate competitions,timed tests, and even sport games. I enjoyed the challenge of schoolwork, thecompetition amongst my friends, and the rewards of my successes.

I always lovethe science ,biology ,physics , pharmacology and I was interest with challengesmake you to think . Medicine is provide many opportunities and challenges .   Onthe other hand being a doctor was a privilege for me .As an example if you area doctor you can make a huge different in someone’s life or being a doctorprovides constant improvements and fresh research finding and give you a stablejob and safe career thus you can live anywhere you want pretty much .

Andunfortunately my country needs a well educated doctors . The reasonslike that made me to choose medical school . I decided to use the opportunityto explore healthcare in Istanbul at my first year .And I started to spend myempty days at the hospital .     I enjoyed every moment in Hospital. Day after day , Ithought,” This is what I want to do “.

Finally my childhood dream and mypersonal characteristics and lately my experience as a volunteer at theemergency room to become a physician . I am gratefull I made a decision tobecome a doctor . 


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