As have had many social and socio-economic problems.

As we realize while studying the history of Taiwan we can notice that a lot of aboriginals around the world have been terribly mistreated, relocated and in some cases exterminated because other races want to conquer over their possessions (land, food, gold, rights, etc.), Most of them still suffer from the repercussions it has left behind throughout the years. Taiwan is not an exception for this cause. In this small Island, aboriginals have been repressed, discriminated and changed to the point aboriginal people in Taiwan have had many social and socio-economic problems. According to various scientists and archeologists, aboriginals in Taiwan have existed about 6,000 years ago (Tsai Pai-chuan).

The aboriginals were the only habitants with around 20 different tribes. From that time until the immigrants of the Han Chinese and the Japanese started everything has changed. Ever since, the life of aboriginals has not been the same (Munsterhelm).When the Han Chinese started to immigrate in the 17th century most of the aborigine tribes had limited land rights and were obligated to move into the mountains (Munsterhelm), also to only speak mandarin and change their names to Chinese ones. With the coming of the Japanese their limitations were eliminated, but Japanese military was still making their life’s miserable. Many aboriginals fought against the Japanese for their land and ancestral homes that lead them into violent confrontation (Ciwang Teyra). This lead t.

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o aboriginals being forced to be part of the Japanese military so that they would follow all of the Japanese rules, that included learning of the Japanese culture and language.After the Japanese left in 1945, that is when the era of the Industrialization started.  The request for jobs all required higher education and professional skills which made it difficult for aboriginals to get high-profit jobs. As a result they stayed in limited labor fields such as in agriculture or farming that at least gave them enough to survive (Kelly Olds).

Aboriginals nowadays face social and economic problems because of the marginalization, they have 40% less wages than the national average (AFP). National Average Wages $NTD/month Last (2017) Previous(2016) Highest Lowest Average 44517.00 45814.00 93144.

00 7902.00 47844.00 (Data Source: Aboriginal Average Wages: 47844.00-(47844.

00×0.40)= 28706.00  Besides, some Chinese Taiwanese exclude aboriginals from their job employments and prefer to employ immigrant workers which made the aboriginals have a feeling of xenophobia towards the immigrants who were taking their jobs (Jou-Juo Chu). Even though the government has been working on reinforcing laws to protect the socially disadvantaged groups or minorities such as the aboriginals the problem is still there.

(Cing-Kae Chiao) Besides that nowadays they are discriminated for their skin color. For some people being ”dark” skin color is bad, and some conservative Chinese families do not approve marriage between aboriginals even though most of the population in Taiwan is already mixed. The government is trying to reconciliate with the aboriginals but the stereotypes and discrimination have not disappeared completely (AFP).As mentioned above all the points are examples of repression and discrimination of aboriginals in Taiwan. The oppression by the Chinese and the Japanese have left a huge gap of social, educational and economical differences between the Chinese Taiwanese and the aboriginals. Nowadays the government is working to make a good relationship with the aboriginals but it is still not enough.

Aboriginals deserve to have the same rights as non-aboriginal people in Taiwan, and there should be equality amongst each other. That is the only way Taiwan will raise not only economically but also social. 


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