As the recent growth in extractive query-focused multi-document

As the amount ofonline information increases, the task of query-focused multi-documentsummarization has received growing attention. Query-focused summarization isthe process of summarizing document clusters in response to a specific inputquery. This literature review gives a broad insight into the recent growth inextractive query-focused multi-document summarization methods.

  It also explains the state-of-the-art researchin this area. Moreover, the effectiveness, limitations, and the most commonquality evaluation measures of the different methods were described. This paper acknowledges some of the challengingproblems persist. Most importantly, the demand for a collective approach thatcombines varied methods that would leadto the best coherent, non-redundant, and concise summary in response to a userquery. This review could be the first step indeveloping a hybrid of different approaches that will yield good results forvaried types of documents.

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