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As environmental safety is now a global concern, a way to limit the environmental impact while additionally presenting high-quality customer service is a crucial difficulty for hotel industry (Han and Yoon, 2015). Butler (2008) factors out that most customers tend to hold bad impression towards green hotel practices because these practices want additional costs to enforce, which affects room prices to be higher and tiresome in place of customers.Research shows that tourists is probably inclined to stay in green hotel but do no longer want their leisure time to be compromised by green practices . (e.g. bath tubs with low water volume; reuse towels and linens) (Berezan et al., 2014). Despite that, although there are numerous thoughts and projects to advocate the green hotel, the reserve revenues for green hotels neither elevated nor reduced (Chong & Verma, 2013).

Despite the fact, green hotels continues to increase by number, studies at the guest’s stay intention is still inadequate. Most of preceding researches in green hotel field had been focused on the consumer’s perception on green hotel (Cometa, 2012); management motivation to implement the green hotel practices (Kamalul Ariffin, Khalid, & Wahid, 2013); and customer satisfaction on green hotel (Robinot & Giannelloni, 2010); impact of personality traits and marketing strategy (Mohamad et al., 2014). This study is important for interpretation that there is a conflict of benefits between hotels, society and customers in Malaysia.

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Moreover, from hotel perspective understanding what affects their customer’s stay intention can help them design their hotel type to be both aggressive and green. There are quite a number of pro-environmental studies have extended TPB with cognitive elements such as environmental awareness and perceived moral obligation (Chan et al., 2014; Kaiser, 2006). The aim is to investigate if the additional variables together with TPB can better explain customers’ intentions to stay green hotels in Malaysia.


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