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As mentioned above, in the world full of different perception, anarchy is always there to serve states. This often later makes states establish the self-help system to protect their own countries (Graf, 2014). However, according to Alexander Wendt, anarchy need not necessarily lead to self help system (Graf, 2014).

States have the power to make decisions and also whether states ended up with the self help system or not, it depends on their interactions. Without interactions and communications constructed by states, the misunderstandings between states will always be there, which is why there is the existence of IOs. With the presence of IOs, states are able to come to discuss and construct up the solutions or agreements and norms that enable them to eliminate the bond of misunderstandings among one another. Not only the terrorism issue that states has been facing, another issue that cannot be overlooked is Interstate dispute. To exemplify, underpinning the UN, International Court of Justice (ICJ) is one of the most important organs that tackle the interstate dispute issues.

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ICJ has been seen playing really important roles in dealing with various kind of cases. It has always allowed its member states, facing with the injustices, to file a case and therefore help solve it. The case of Cambodia and Thailand dispute over the Preah Vihear temple is one of the good examples.

Cambodia was able to file the case and their statement to the ICJ, (Dewi, 2013). ICJ, therefore, after having seen the case, called for both parties, Cambodia and Thailand, to attend the court. During the process of hearings, the two dispute parties were notified to tell the court about the reasons behind the emergence of the dispute. While Cambodia pointed out that Thailand violated the border of its country based on the judgement that was once made by ICJ in 1962 regarding the territorial map, Thailand rejected the accusation, stating that it did not do like the other party argued. The arguments went on and on in the process of  hearing until ICJ came to a conclusion that the two dispute parties should withdraw all their troops and military equipments from the zone or area near the temple. The two countries therefore accepted the decision made by ICJ and the dispute was shut down eventually, (Dewi, 2013). This indeed shows that ICJ let both disputes parties discuss and defend their own reasons of why this particular border dispute took place over the Preah Vihear temple area. Without the ICJ acting as a place that allows states to come to discuss, and without the interactions and socialization conducted by states themselves, the dispute are unlikely to be solved.

In addition, as long as there is GG, there is a socialization place and also there is a high chance that states are able to get themselves out of the anarchical situation and as well as escaping from establishing the self help situation.


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