As has significantly declined in the end of

As shown in the above table, compared to the average cost oflending weight compared to 2012-13 compared to almost all public debtindicators compared to 2013-14. Due to the average cost of loan weight due tothe increase in the government’s clear debt strategy, reducing the risk ofrolling / roll roll increases the increase of domestic debt maturity andincrease external income.Possibly, the risk of refinancing in Pakistan’s public debtportfolio, which was primarily operating by domestic debt consolidation inshort measurements at the end of 2012-13. The risk of domestic debt refininghas significantly declined in the end of 2013-14, indicating that in the year2012, 64% in a year’s rate of loan in one year compared to 64% Has increasedAccording to this, in the end of 2013-13, the average time of syndromeincreased by 2.3 years in the end of 2013-14 compared to 1.

8 years. Similarly,at the end of 2013-13, external debt increased by 10.5 years, which increasedat the end of 2012-13 compared to 10.1 years. Overall, the average time averageof the general debt increased by 4.

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9 years at the end of 2013-14 compared to4.5 a year earlier. To cope with the risk of interest rate, compared to thepercentage of re-fixing of one year debt deficit, 43-14 decreased by 43%, whichwas 52% a year earlier. Accordingly, the average time of fixing for 4.6 yearsat the end of 2013-14 compared to 4.2 years at the end of 2012-13.

This numberis the average time for outdoor loans to be 9.7 years and re-fixing around 2.3years on domestic debt. In addition, according to the fixed rate loan, theoverall debt debt increased by 63 percent in the end of 2013-14, and increasedby 54% in the end of 2012-13. In 2012-2013 compared to 2012-13 compared to2012-13, the domestic debt fixed rate was 54% increase in the end of 2013-14.This year, more than 40 percent a year ago, the government mobilized morethrough pizza and retired.  The total public debt is about 31% of the stock on theforeign currencies, Pakistan’s debt portfolio exposure to the risk of risk.

According to the Special Drawing Right (SDR), approximately 91% of externaldebt is contracted in about 3% – the key consideration of the risk of exchangerate is US-based debt (46 percent external debt), then the Euro (23%) andJapanese Yen (22%). In 2014-15, the amount of durable foreign debt wasequivalent to 43% of the government’s liquid reserves, which was less likely todeal with the risk rate of 69% a year earlier.


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