As and position promotion. Even though I decided,

As a high school student, several interests and challenges werein mind that made me think critically to choose. Looking at which field I amexcellent at, what job I am looking for, how important what I have to choosewith regard to the society, and how many years will it takes to achieve thisgoal.

In 2013, a year I call it the most important period of changing, Igraduated from high school with no answers to those questions. I tried to givemyself time to decide. Running out of time, I had to find a job to collect somemoney and go on from there. It was not easy to find a job with having only ahigh school certificate since the choices are limited.????? ?            I remember applying to restaurants,small business companies, hospitals, and even though as a driver. The first twomonths from graduation were really hard for me and kind of disappointing.However, life isn’t always rough, nor easy. Fortunately, I had the chance and Iwas really thankful for that moment.

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My job was simply a front disk helper in oneof the smallest companies in my country. Arranging files, helping those whohave questions, and encountering different kind of people triggered me torethink about my future job. Four months later, I had enough money to married,buy a car, and or travel somewhere, but those question regarding which major Iwill choose keep bothering me almost every single day. Indeed, there has to bean answer.

Having no time to visit my family and closestfriends was a reason to let me rethink about my future. I was working foralmost one year continuously in long shift cycles. As a result, I became alonely person who had no friends to visit and stay with. This bad experiencegave me a great lesson, changed my behavior and made me a patient person.

Consequently, it forced me to quit the job and make the decision to complete myeducation so that I can have a better job in the future. Since I was away frommy family and friends, that job was not a good choice for me. ?            The moment I decided to choose whichway I am going to, I had to study my plan and make my priorities. One of themost reasons that cause me to choose “Civil Engineering” is how this fieldimportant and flexible in finding a job right away. In addition, how much I amgoing to earn in terms of experience, money, and position promotion. Eventhough I decided, there still some issues regarding where and when I have tostart studying. ??? ?            Having a job isn’t that easy where Icame from.

In fact, that wasn’t my issue at that time rather resigning from thejob was. Since I became one of the most responsible persons in my family, I hadto ask my father to tell him that I finally decided to complete my education inthe United States of America. “Son, I am really glad that you realized yourgoal and I hope you will achieve it soon.

It is really challenge to try newexperience since you will be going out of the country which is not that easy,but I know that you can do it” my father said. Those words were the mostencouraging factors to help me go on and attain my goal. Six months later, Iresigned from my job, and step forwards my decision, with great hope that Iwill achieve my goal as soon as possible. 


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