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As North America was found, European nations competed for new beginnings and more land in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Even though Spain, France and the Netherlands had a head start, England surprisingly prevailed to win the colony game. England was able to defeat its fellow rivals with government, economy, and population. One reason England won was because of its government. England’s government was well balanced between power and people saying their own word.

The England colonists decided when it was to hold town meetings and assemblies (rights). At town meetings, they would decided laws, rights and maybe even decided if some colonists should be kicked out. A reason Spain did not do well in the category was because that it was controlled by a “crown-appointed” viceroys and governors. France on the other hand, was the exact opposite of England. It was purely controlled by a French king. Also, they had no political rights or representative government. And finally, they could not hold town meetings without permission. The reason England won this category, was solely because of well balanced government.

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The second reason England won, was because of its economy. England had great activities and exported several items for money. England had divergent activities which included: farming, fishing and trading. They also exported several things such as tobacco, rice, timber, and fish. Spain mostly traded, but had very little farming which was mostly out west. France attempted farming but Mississippi valley plantations failed predominantly. Although France did make some money, it was mostly off of fishing, trapping, and trading.

The Netherlands colony New Netherlands (New York), did make profit off of beaver fur trade, but that was the only thing. The reason England was able to pull this out, was because of its activities and money off of exporting items. The third and final reason England won was because of population and population sources. England welcomed many, and had a large amount of people by 1754. Many people came from: middle class farmers, artisans, and traders. They also welcomed immigrants throughout all of the England colonies. And finally, by 1754 they had 1.5 million colonists.

The French, mostly had traders, merchants, and missionaries. They did give 1,100 French soldiers land in their new colonies. Although, they did not welcome protestants or peasant farmers to immigrate. The Spanish were very similar to the French. They welcomed conquistadors, missionaries, soldiers and some farmers and traders. New Netherlands, was very diverse; speaking 18 languages.

But, when Peter Stuyvesant came and cleaned up the colony, many settlers did not like the laws and prohibitions. The reason England won the “population war” was because it welcomed mostly everyone. England showed great dominance in many categories of the battle for North American domination. England prevailed thanks to main categories like: government, economy, and population. If England would of not prevailed in the colony game would we be speaking a different language. Wil je Nederlands spreken?  


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