As in my charge. I have to

As a team leader in my current organisation I see myself as someone who possesses a number of qualities, enthusiasm, good judgment, intelligent, a people person and a good communicator. Working as a Team Leader, I have unknowingly dealt with many team members, related problems. I believe it to be part of my job role or responsibility.

My duty as a team leader is to developed the sense of team work amongst members and lead the team in my charge. I have to understand that team members observe me and how I handle myself. Knowing that they accept me as a trusted and approachable effective team leader In my view I believe that behaviours for leadership that are self-motivation, commitment and positive. On a daily basis I conduct a staff Briefing on current new laws, persons of interest e.g Wanted individuals for various offences committed, and any issues that are of great concern prior to commencement of duty, thus by also allowing for feedback from team members and me. I identify skills and knowledge of individuals and assign roles and responsibilities according to strengths of team I believe can complete the task in hand.

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These are worded as KPi (Key performance initiative) where each team member has an assign tasking e.g checking equipment, ensuring vehicle log books or upto date etc.I motivate the team keeping them happy by providing what they need in terms of training and support with constructive feedback, and support and help them come up with solutions. One occasion a few months ago a team member requested time off on a holiday request form; however the team would have been short had I granted the request at the time. The time was refused, later that week the member of team came to see me and ask me why the time had been refused. I showed empathy and listened to the team member and explained he still had a responsibility to the Organisation. He stated why he needed the time off and I got a better understanding of the need of the team member who explained that it was for his daughter’s birthday who resided overseas.

I then reach out to another team member who was on vacation and asked him if he would be willing to come in for duty and work the day for the other team member. This was agreed upon, I then informed him that he could have the opportunity to go and visit his daughter. I give the other team member and additional day off due to him accommodating. The team member thanked me for taking time to listen and making alternative arrangements for him,


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