As monitor, inspect and regulate services to make

As a support provide the welfare and safety of our supported people is extremely important and working in partnership with other professionals and organisations enables us to deliver a high standard service. Sorelle support have the responsibly to ensure all employees are fit to work within the work place and have the knowledge of how to provide a service to our supported people.As part of our induction process for all new employees, we must provide them with mandatory training to ensure they have the knowledge and understanding of the service that we provide and to work in line with legalisations and regulations. This is provided in house and using external training organisations.

During the 12 week induction period, we provide all new employees with level 2 medication training, manual handling training, first aid training and the care certificate. The Care Certificate is a set of standards that all social care workers must adhere to within their daily working life. The Care certificate provides knowledge and training on how to safeguard vulnerable adults and the policies and legalisation that is in place that must be adhered too. Care quality commission- monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety and we publish what we find, including performance ratings to help people choose care.

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As a support provider we must work alongside CQC to ensure that we are providing our supported people with fundamental standards of care set out by the care quality commission. CQC have inspected Sorelle support twice over the previous 5 years and have rated us ‘Good’ as a support provider. During the inspection, the inspector offered us guidance of how we can improve our service to increase our rating to outstanding.

Working alongside CQC, provides us with the knowledge and framework in which we need to do to be able to continue to provide a high standard service to our customers. The inspector advised us that we need to show evidence of quality of service that we provide. Although the inspector stated that Sorelle Support is providing an outstanding service, we do not have any evidence of how we meet goals with our support people. We have been advised to create and produce case studies on our support people to evidence the personal centred way in which we provide support. We support an individual, L who has auditory and sensory processing disorder. Due to the high level of support that L requires, we must attend 4 monthly MDT’s. The professionals who attend L’s MDT are from a wide range of different organisations who work together in partnership to ensure L is receiving the support required and all her needs are being met by everyone person within her care network.MDT meetings are in place enables the care network to meet face to face and have a group discussion to review the support that L receives and produce new guidelines to meet the support needs of L.

Working in partnership enables a join up approach to be able to deliver the high standard support L requires from all professionals within her support network.


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