As I can’t breathe don’t get me

As students, we’re all stressed out. personally, for me, this week is worse for half of the user as it was a week of assessments and tests. It’s come to the point where the teachers are relentlessly piling up the assessment after assessments on us. Like I thought college was the one which was supposed to be challenging, however, it seems that there often are boundaries that teachers tent to cross.Like we get it the report is due in soon, but that does not give a reason to pile the work on us at the last minute.

Like we’re all buried under a myriad of strenuous demands, it has become questionable whether this workload strip education of its value. While stumping a student’s work ethic into a vicious sensational. I’m sure most the students can recall a night when they sacrificed their sleep for the sake of finishing their grades. Regardless of the pulsing anxiety, painkiller headache and drooping eyes trying so hard to stay awake, only getting 4 hours of sleep and for some even more less. The academic stress is so significant decent enough that students begin to neglect their health. Even though this doesn’t mean it applies to all, countless students put their health to the side due to teachers’ outrageous demands.This is my last year as an MYP student as next year we will move on to IB. There are times when I’ve experienced such overwhelming amount of stress that it feels like I can’t breathe don’t get me wrong I’m not depressed.

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But just when I’ve finally thought I finished one assignment, I’m pushed under a multitude of even more assignments.Not to forget the end of year exams and the assessments that come with it.Pushing us to overcome our challenging assignments oftentimes shows us the strength we never knew we had. Like finishing one month of work within one hour. However, that might be when the teachers pile us under an abundance of rigorous work, it often backfires and undermines a student’s education.

Not forgetting to mention the more work that builds up from each class, the less we are concerned with learning the new material. Instead, we will focus on the ways that we can finish our work quickly yet effectively, conclusively interrupting us from retaining the information.According to this article from Stanford University by Linda Darling-Hammond, mentions that when a students focus on memorization instead of detainment obstructs learning. She argues that when students simply memorize materials, it lavish what they’re taught. This pressure of academic demands can usually lead to a student to be, depressed, stress and anxiety. As well as not forgetting to mention the pressure coming from our parents.

This has been an issue for a while in Hong Kong that it’s causing some students to take their own life or even start cutting.Furthermore, while buried a lot of assignments, most of the students feel that they’re alone and try to pretend that they’re on top of everything. However, this can lead to students putting disguising instead of reaching out for help. This cycle indicating causes more students to feel abandoned.More often than not, we find ourselves drowning in an ocean of assessments, struggling to reach the surface.

However, it’s important that students are aware they aren’t alone or abandoned. There are countless individuals in school facing the same problem. While a few admit to it and simple force a smile, behind that smile, we’re struggling to hold composure due to school stress. One of the things we also struggle with as students are procrastination as some of us it’s a coping method to hind away from all the stress and assessments. Regardless of this even the top-notch grade a student is striving for or the assessment they’re trying to finish before the deadline, health should always be a top priority.


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