As confidentiality is breached then I need

As a duty manager I work in accordance with the data protection act 1998. At times I may need to breach confidentiality if it is in the interest of safeguarding an individual. This could include malpractice, professional misconduct, neglect, abuse or crime. Every individual has the right to all of their details being confidential regarding their care or any illness they have. Sometimes this can cause tension between the individual and a family member or friend as they have stated that they wish the information to stay confidential but the family member or friend may feel that they have the right to know the information. This can be difficult for the family or friend to understand but my job is to ensure that the information is kept confidential providing that individual has the capacity to understand. An individual’s illness may need to be passed on to a health professional i.

e. hospital or doctor especially if it could prevent an illness being passed on to another individual e.g. MRSA. If confidentiality is breached then I need to ensure that I record and document my reasons clearly.

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