Artificial in achieving success by providing services

Artificialintelligence and things related to internet have taken their shape in this modernworld. These technologies have taken their shares of headline in past few years,but learning by the means of machine is one of the hot topics of today’s world.Machine learning is enabling many companies to increase their top-line growthrate and optimization processes while increasing customer satisfaction andproviding the manager a better way in achieving success by providing services tocustomers. Machine learning is rapidly growing and infiltrating the businessesand workspaces that we can relate almost anything – from marketing to sales todemand forecasting to logistics.

We might as well consider some examples ofgreat businesses across the globe, some like Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft,all had initially started by building devices that could handle large databasesof information, using algorithms – machines that could recognize a problem andpropose necessary solution to the problem. Businesses are continuously workingon developing and redeveloping the existing machinery to make human worksimpler. Machine learning eliminates various biases that could be on purpose orinherent. These biases are within the managers and for better managementmachine learning is required. This biasing could be a personal biasing that amanager focuses on the one liked employee and which will result in incorrect feedbacksand recognition. Machine learning removes any biases a manager might have –machines will store all the raw data, that contain all information of allemployees, regarding their qualifications and performance which tends toprovide correct, unaltered feedback for the manager to judge Machine learning insimplest terms, is a combination of fields that includes statistics, computerscience, and information retrieval and this in turn teaches computers in recognizingvarious data patterns. Sentiment analysis is also a hot topic in this field andmachine learning has moved into the realm of detecting emotions by testing the probabilityof certain words that appears close enough according to the person’s mood. Forbusinesses, machine learning capabilities are becoming a source of competitive dominancein more and more industries.

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Data solving, data storage and even analyzingemployees by using various data sets are all included in this firm. Moreinvestment in data driven technologies including machine learning provide a companywith better manager and this will become a great competitive step. This field hasbecome increasingly main-stream and machine learning is so commonplace that webarely notice it being practiced around us. Machine learning used to its fullefficiency can lead to new industrial revolution by solving various algorithms.



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