Article Summary on ‘College-Ready for All: Preparing Students for Success’

This article underlines the strategies that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation program aims to use to assist students achieve their fullest potential in education. The program takes cognizance of the fact that education opens the floodgates to in addition to enriching our lives, enlightening our decisions, and preparing us for the job market. In using an approach that is based on evidence and practical lessons accumulated over the years, the program actively focus on assisting high school students, especially from low income backgrounds and minorities, to access opportunities that will make them college ready and continue to pursue an area of interest that will have real economic value upon completion of college education. The foundation plans to achieve these fundamental objectives by focusing on the learning partnership between the instructor and the student (BMGF, 2009). One of the program’s agenda is to accelerate academic performance aimed at increasing college readiness among high school students. The program has developed some set components towards achieving this strategy. First, the program aims to focus on success at an elevated level by working with policymakers to identify clear standards defining the way to college readiness to guide classroom instruction.

The program also aims to support and share techniques and materials to assist teachers and students to incorporate the standards, not mentioning the fact that it will design fair measures to appraise success (BMGF, 2009). Second, the program aims to focus on innovation to support and actively engage students through the development of well researched topics that assist them to improve academic performance and leverage technology with the objective of developing modern models of education. In other words, the program aims to employ technological innovations to solve the problems bedeviling high schools.

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Third, the program aim to develop strategies that will empower the teachers in keeping with the fact that effective teachers are fundamental in ensuring student success. This is to be achieved by designing a standardized and reliable means for evaluating teacher effectiveness as well as working with other stakeholders to reward instructors who meet more meticulous criteria for tenure. In all this, quality data and advocacy are needed to show if the program is making the desired progress (BMGF, 2009).

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