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ARTICLE SUMMARY: “Boreal Forest Health and Global Change article” waspublished by the American Association of Advancement Science based in New Yorkwith the latest copyright dated 2017. The Boreal forest remains beneficial at localand global level. The main aim of the authors was to identify the state of Borealwith reference the current climatic changes. This study determined that Borealforest has gross impacts as a pool of natural resources such as hydroelectric powerdevelopment and remains resilient as far as climate regulation is concerned. Thefocus of the study was on projected environmental changes and the roles ofmanagement in combating the global change threats available.STRENGTHS: The article addressed every side of the story bringing out a reportthat was lacked bias. The authors not only identified the current advancementnoticed in the forest but also the emerging health and global change threats thatneed to be addressed. The significance of the forest to ecosystem was adequatelyaddressed notably its role in climatic regulation. The paper used detailed dataanalysis methods with elaborative graphical representations such distribution mapsthat important to readers.WEAKNESSES: However, there are weaknesses evident in the report. Theavailable data seemed complex are thus very difficult to analyze from a simple view.A reader would have a hard time to appreciate the some of the information. Therecommendation section was somewhat ambiguous. Some of the recommendationsare unclear and will take very long time to achieve. For instance, the reportproposes better processes such as silviculture which has always been used yet thestatus remains the same. Nevertheless, the only way to go global cooperationamong forest-based communities and economies is by improving the health suchcomponents of the ecosystem.OPINION: The authors have tried to address significant issues about forest healthand global change. It was undoubtedly an excellent study with detailed findings andimpressive recommendations. Nevertheless, there is a need for further research tosee how the recommendations can be easily met to improve the status of ourecosystem locally and globally.The reading was assigned to appreciate the importance of Boreal forest ecosystemssuch as a pool of natural resources and a critical climatic regulator. The paper alsohighlighted good recommendations worth adopting to improve the health of suchcomponents of the ecosystem.


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