Art when the form doesn’t not stand out

Art is very artistic in many different ways.Art inspires people to do more and more with their career but artwork isn’t artwork without the principles and elements of art.

There a total of 14 Principle and Elements of art. The five that I will be doing today are: shape, form,movement, texture, and pattern. There are seven principles of art and seven elements of art    Shape appears in many ways in different types of artwork. There are many different shapes such as: rectangle, square, sphere, circle, triangle, and many more. When shapes overlap each other in artwork it creates a depth feeling.

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At different angles the shapes appear inward,and they also appear in a complete form. Parallel shapes of composition create a feeling of tranquility.The modeling of many shapes make senses of volume.Shape has many different ways of showing itself in art.Frank Loyd Wright, a fameous architect, used shape.

Form has different meanings in art.Texture in form can call attention to the artwork.The different meanings of form are:high relief,low relief,mass,and negative shape.Negative shape is air that is surrounding a form that lets air through.Mass is different shapes in three dimensions.

High relief is when the form stands out, and low relief is when the form doesn’t not stand out as much.A sculpture is an example of form because it has the three dimensions which are:height,width,and depth.Alexdander Calder used form. Texture is artwork that can be felt.Texture can be smooth, rough, bumpy, velvety, prickly,and sandy.

Sometimes texture can be repellent,  people can tell by looking right at it, some say it does not feel very nice.Pattern and texture can very be confusing, but pattern is used for decorative purposes. Texture is not.Pablo Picasso used pattern to show texture.

Jackie Winsor used texture to make horses.Pattern is very repetitive. Pattern can be brick,square,checkerboard, ogee,diamond,triangle, and many more. Pattern gives interest and calls attention to different types of artwork.It is for decorative purposes only. Pattern can be brought into artwork that is boring and uninteresting. Sarah Morris used pattern Movement allows viewer’s eyes to move.

It also creates an invisible pathway such as: color, shape, lines and edges. Movement gives order to design all types of artwork.Movement gives action  and blurry outliners.It can be created by:anticipated movement, action, arrows or a pointing finger  invisible pathway, optical illusions, diagonal lines, similar shapes, and blurry outlines. Max Ernst used Movement in a lot of his art.Shape, texture, pattern, movement, and form are very interesting to learn about.

Shape has a lot of lines in it.Texture can be felt in artwork. Pattern is for decorative purposes. Movement is able to move.

Form is three dimensions. There are many more Principles and Elements of art that I can learn about, but i was not able to write all 14 of them.


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