This important idea. Order of importance is helpful

This means that ideas have to be presented as they occur in time. Omitting an important event and then going back to it later can be very confusing. (ii) order of importance: The writer can begin with the most important idea first and then lead to the least important idea. OR The writer can begin with the least important idea and then lead to the most important idea. Order of importance is helpful in convincing the reader of a particular point of view.

(iii) order of climax: The writer can build suspense leading to climax. In this the climax i.e. the most important idea is put last. Whatever order the writer chooses it is important that the sentences in the paragraph are arranged in a logical sequence. (iv) logical connection between ideas: Transition words provide connection between sentences. The most obvious transition words are number words such as:—Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly etc.

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Kindly note that these words are avoided by more experienced writers transition words are also used to express the order of arrangement chosen by the writer. Therefore, there can be transition words which mean each of the following — Time, Physical Order, Order of Importance, Similar Ideas, Different Ideas, Conclusion. Details 1. He carried a big bag on his left shoulder. 2. He had hair which stood up all over his head like a porcupine 3. His nails were long and black. 4.

He looked as if he were over hundred years old. 5. He had hair all over his face and also on his nose.

6. His eyes kept dancing here and there. 7. He kept on shrugging his shoulders again and again.

8. He kept on nudging the person sitting next to him. 9. He was wearing red pajamas and a long yellow karat. 10.

He had a big tattoo of a spider on his arm. 11. He kept on scratching his head. 12.

He had long yellow teeth protruding out of his mouth. 13. He was wearing ten necklaces. 14. He had a small puppy in a bag. The puppy kept on barking but the man did nothing to stop him. 15.

He had applied kajal to his eyes which made him look strange and weird.


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