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Around 12,000 years ago humans that lived in the Near East began to abandon their hunter-gatherer lifestyle and instead take up farming and settle down. This area was known as the Fertile Crescent, and this was where beer was discovered. It states in the book A History of the World in 6 Glasses that beer is “closely intertwined with the origins of civilization itself.” Some even go as far as to say that beer made people settle because the people incorporated it into their culture and then took up agriculture to have a steady supply of grain. When the civilizations figured out how to store the grain there were now growing, they didn’t want to leave their homes because they had found a reliable food source. When trying to store their grain, water got into the containers making a sweet substance called malt, and when the people soaked the grain to make it into gruel, it eventually fermented and turned into alcohol.

Because there is no written evidence to justify beer’s significance things from later years are used. For example, Sumerians and Egyptians drank beer at religious ceremonies and funerals and the Aztecs offered it to their goddess of fertility because these culture believed beer was gift from the Gods. People called upon gods for good harvest and then food surpluses from the good harvest was put into storehouses. People eventually decided to make the storehouses into temples. The effects of the discovery of this beverage are still shown today when someone raises a glass to show good health (how alcohol has supernatural abilities) or clinks glasses with their neighbor (how it came from the same pot so it’s not poisoned and therefore the server is trustworthy).


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