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Fight or Flight

            Katniss Everdeen, a very dynamic
character, her life before the Reaping is adequate. She struggles with food and
her life is an everyday routine. She has no problem with it, she enjoys it. She
enjoys the hunting in the Meadows. Katniss keeps to herself and is all about
her sister. She proves she’s all about her sister when she volunteers herself at
the Reaping for her sister she says, ” I volunteer as tribute” (Collins, The Hunger Games 20). From this day
forward her ordinary life is changed forever and she’s never the same she’s
constantly changing right now she’s at a fearful stage because of the fact that
she’s competing for her life. On the train she’s still fearful, but gets very
hot headed when she sees her drunk mentor. She gets more confident when she
arrives at the Capitol. With more people around that she’s never talked to,
she’s definitely keeping to herself. During the training sessions she has to
remain fearless and show the others that she is a threat and will not go down
without a fight. Peeta, a fairly mid-class person is with her. Peeta is even
more scared because he knows his only skill is heavy lifting. He is probably
the most scared of Katniss because he knows what she can do.

            Katniss now, in the private session,
is angry because the Game makers won’t pay attention. She knows they’re bored
and she’s the last tribute so why pay attention? This angers her to a point
where she fires an arrow at the apple of a hog. She leaves after the arrow and
without her being dismissed. At the time she thought it was the right thing to
do because she was angry, but soon after she leaves fear hits her because she
realizes what the Game makers can do to her. They can make the odds not in her
favor during the Games. Now, during the day and night she is filled with fear.
The next day they televise the scores. Katniss gets a 11, almost the highest
score. She’s has mixed feelings about it because she’s afraid the Game makers
only did it so she can be targeted the most. Katniss says “Now I’ve done it!
Now I’ve ruined it everything,” (Collins, The Hunger Games 103). Regardless of
everything that’s happened she displays herself as a confident person, but deep
down she is still filled with fear.

            There are two human reactions, fight
or flight, for most of the Games. I can’t blame her because she excels at it.
On the plate for the Games she decides to not adhere to Haymitch’s advice and
runs toward the Cornucopia, this shows a great amount of courage to go in the
danger and the first time she uses the fight reaction. Katniss says “If I had
the guts to go in and fight for it against the other 23 tributes. Which I have
been instructed not to do,” (Collins, The Hungers Games 148) . She doesn’t come
out with much, but it’s something. Running into the forest she still has a
great amount of flight. For a whole day she runs, or surviving, it’s up to you
to decide what she’s doing. The first time she sees Peeta she’s furious at the
fact that he allied himself with the Careers. She feels betrayed and confused
because could he doing it for her own good or to get rid of her because he knew
what skills she possess and the huge threat she poses to everyone. They
eventually see her but she’s high above in a tree and the Careers are meant to
fight not for skills to escape like climbing trees. So this is all happening
and Katniss is just cocky because she knows they can’t get her. During the
night Katniss sees something in the tree it’s Rue, she points up at what looks
like a bee’s nest but Katniss knows it’s one of the Capitols genetically
modified specimen. This is the second time she brings the fight reaction, but
with a little bit of hesitation because Peeta is down there. She still does it
but hopes Peeta survives from this, because she hopes he just joined them to
keep her safe.

            Killing one person she feels
different because it’s different from animals. Obviously it’s her first kill so
she’s is going to feel some type of sorrow for the person or the person’s
family. With her dead she’s acquired her significant skill set in archery. She
has her bow and arrows. The Fight or Flight went from 90 percent flight and 10
percent fight, to 60 percent and 40 percent fight. She’s fierce but doesn’t
peak at this surviving thing until later in the book. Katniss is constantly
changing in reactions after this point. She always has but after this in a
couple days she will change tendencies. She meets up with Rue and she has a
connection with her. They make a plan to try to get the Careers food source,
which isn’t really a reaction. It’s just something fierce and courageous of her
to do. Personally I love this Katniss because this is the fire needed to win
any Hunger Games.

            Rue’s death, to me, very sad. To
Katniss it shattered her because she spent so many days with this young girl
that reminded her of Prim and was no threat to others until the Games. The boy
she killed right after, she killed him with no hesitation. This is one hundred
percent the fight in her. She feels terrible for killing him without thought,
but this mentality is the surest mentality to use if she wants to win, which
she doesn’t use it all the time. She holds up on her own without Rue and she
ends up finding Peeta. I the Peeta, because he makes Katniss completely soft.
She’s all lovey dovey now and she may be doing it for the audience but some of
that love is there. The love is there and it somewhat forces her to do
something that slows her down, and it’s taking care of him. When the three bags
are in the Cornucopia she risks her life for Peeta and while it is courageous,
it is all because of Peeta which she knows for right now that they both can’t
win it shows ferocity but there’s a hint of weak there because she’s doing it
for Peeta.

            When Peeta is all up and healthy,
Katniss should have ended it right then and there. Rue’s death is a fuel to her
fire in winning the Games, Peeta just completely extinguishes that fire. She’s
soft and she loses the ratio fight to flight and with Peeta it’s the other way
around. Katniss is a stud in the Games and it would have sped up the process if
she had more fight in her.


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