Are encourage him to do better. Everything

Are you influenced by self or peers? Environmental factors play a stronger role in a person’s ability to contribute to society.

After analyzing the text, The Other Wes Moore , it is clear that the environmental factors such as parents, the neighborhood one is from and education play a stronger role in a person’s ability to contribute to society. I know family can play a role in a person’s ability to contribute to society. I know this because ,Other Wes was very easily influenced by his older brother Tony.

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Tony had a lot of money and dressed really nice but he got the money by selling drugs, which Wes got caught up in after watching Tony. Tony tried to convince Wes that selling drugs was not going to get him anywhere and it’s not the life that he wants to live. Author Wes said. ” Wes wanted to be like Tony. Tony wanted Wes to be nothing like him”.

(moore) I believe a neighborhood one is from has the biggest affect on a person.  I believe this because the neighborhood Wes is from is very dangerous. The crime rate is really high and education levels are low. As many times as Other Wes moved he found himself in the same predicament every time.

Even if he tried to change the neighborhoods he decides to live in wouldn’t let him. Author Wes says. ” When he saw this everyday. The people who would line up around the corner for drugs” (Moore 138) Which he was influenced by. Other Wes was not in was not interested in school he felt like it was not made for him and he would be better off on the streets. No one from his family really finished school so he wasn’t exactly worried or concerned.

Wes was more into finding ways  to get money , money was more important to Wes. Author Wes says. “He wasn’t exactly excelling in the classroom and his disenchantment with school was beginning to wear on him” (moore 38).

In conclusion , I believe Other Wes could have changed his ways but his past kept following him. The neighborhoods , His mom and his brother really didn’t encourage him to do better. Everything in his life was negative in life he didn’t have anything positive that would make him want to change. His dad chose not be in his life which made it difficult for him to cope with because he wanted a father figure.

All these factors had an affect on Wes and now he will be spending the rest of his life in prison.


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