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Are you planning to sell your house? Are you on the lookout for some good buyer and a decent price for your house? Selling your home could be tricky, and a lot depends upon the price and the timing. Read on further, and we offer a few tips on how and when to sell your house.

Selling a home is normally a one-time affair that most people do once in a lifetime. And, any seller would like to sell high, and get a decent price for the house. The entire country sees hundreds of homes changing hands every year – and this  happens mostly in the spring-summer home buying season. And, this is probably the busiest season of the year for buying or selling homes. The season starts in January and lasts till March-April, but they are a few stragglers in May. Come spring, and you will see sale boards springing up all over the place.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can expect to see a lot of competition during the spring-summer sale, as compared to the winter season. But, some experts in the field are of the opinion that spring-summer season could be the worst time to buy a house. There are others who hold that Fall is the best time to buy a property. Moreover, you can get houses a mite cheaper in Fall as you expect a better deal in this season. While the number of houses on sale may not be as high as in the spring season, you could exercise a little patience, and could strike a deal with a wonderful bargain.

The spring season is the prime season, and rates are at the highest. But, if you would still like to sell in the spring season, here is a little tip. Studies have shown that houses that are listed in the first fortnight of May are more likely to fetch better prices, and also go faster.

There are a number of good reasons that spring-summer is the best time to sell your house:

·         For many people, summer is a good time to buy a house

·         Buyers have may have more money in their hands from tax refunds that could be used for down payments

·         People having kids would be assured of a non-interrupted academic session if they could buy a house in summer

·         Many people come out to see houses when the weather is warm and sunny, and people in the colder states have a limited time, as opposed to the warmer states like California and Texas



But, be sure to avoid the holiday season. This is not the best of times to list your home for sale. Many  people would be on vacation, and there would hardly be any takers. And, if your house is listed for a longer time, its value comes down as people have apprehensions about buying the house.


Now that you have a fair idea about selling houses, we are sure that you could use that knowledge to sell your house at a reasonably good price. Good luck!


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