Are or the predefined fonts of your computer

Are you bored seeing the plain texts or the predefined fonts of your computer or Smartphone? Do you also want to update your social media status and post with some cool and eye attracting font styles? But, wondering how to get one of those?

Do not worry; we are here to aid you out with your social media posts. Promptly, you can also get those cool and funky texts and show off before your friends. There are some websites that help you in creating or converting your plain text styles and furnish it a brand new look with some breezy fonts.

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Here is the list of seven best fancy text generators that you can find on the internet and utilize them for free.


It is a free website from where you can explore and generate some really innovative text styles or fonts. The UI is simple and easy to use. Once you get into the website, you can select among a wide range of font styles like Bubble, Currency, Magic, etc. You will get more than 70 font styles on the website for each text line you enter. Initially, you will need to enter any text or text line and it will automatically generate fonts in various styles. If you want to use them simply, click on the “Copy” button that you will find beside every font style and paste to your social media post, blogs, pictures, etc.



Mega Cool Text is another automated fancy text generator that you can use for free of cost. It has even more font styles compared to Cool Fancy Generator. The layout of the webpage is quite simple and easy to handle for any user. After you open the webpage, you can see a text box saying, “Write your nick here”; write a text or any phrase here and you will be offered with over 90 font styles for the same text that you have entered. You don’t need to click on any button or elsewhere to generate the fancy texts. It will do the job by itself. You can scroll up and down to find the font that you are looking for and then copy the text and paste it to wherever you want that text to be.



You can bring in access to the features of this website with very ease. It is a generous fancy text generator that extends you to numerous font styles. The fun part of this website is you can expand your hands and legs a bit more here, compared to the previous two generators. Here, you will find a text box where you have to enter any text or text line and it will generate a number of different font styles. But along with that, you will also get few buttons just beside the text box. There is an option, “More”, click on that and you will be taken to another page. On the next page, you can actually customize your font by adding any special character or symbols to it.



As the name suggests, it is categorically a cool and fun fancy text generator where you can play around with different font styles. All you need to do is enter a plain text or any text line and it will automatically generate some fancy fonts. Above the text box, you will get three options, Sublime1, Sublime2, Sublime3, and besides that a Zalgo slider. Each sublime hold numerous font styles but at a time it only displays 30 font styles. If you want more you can click on the option “Click here to change”, and it will accompany you more fonts for the selected Sublime. You can use those fancy fonts simply by selecting them, copying them and pasting it to the desired sheet.



Weirdmaker is an advanced fancy text generator tool. You can not only generate fancy texts but also you get many manual customizing options. All you need to do after you go to their website is type the text in the text box and it will automatically create fancy fonts for you under several categories like; handwriting, new font, classic, decorate, etc. On the left side of the window, you can find two categories; Smiley, and Text. And under each category, there have some subcategories from where you can actually customize your font and give a look according to your preferences. All these features are genuinely for free.



It’s just an ordinary free fancy text generator with very limited options. You can only change the font style by clicking on the options, every time you want to convert them. It is not an automated website that generates fancy texts for you, automatically. You get only four categories; Tweaks, Shapes, Fonts, and Styles. And under each category, there retain 6-7 options only. It works well for the users who want simplicity and it’s very easy to use especially for those who have learned to browse recently. It’s for the beginners, you can say.


7.       FANCY TEXT

Fancy Text is a manually generated free online fancy text generator. Once you get into the website, you will find a text box and below that there are buttons which contain alphabets A to Z in 12 different fonts, along with numbers from 0 to 9, and various symbols and special characters. The only problem with this generator is, everytime you want to create any fancy text, you have to click on the buttons of your choice. It won’t generate the fonts by itself; you have to put your own effort. Once you are done with any text or phrase, copy it and you are free to paste it anywhere you want.


NOTE: These websites made it easy for anyone to create or convert your boring and plain text into some eye catchy and attractive fonts, with minimal manual effort.


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