Arduino Based Home Automation Project via BluetoothAuthorsNehall Sadiq 15-TE-64Akhter Hussain 15-TE-104Waseem Haider 15-TE-115Submitted toEngr. Adeel AsgharLab EngineerDEPARTMENT OF TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERINGUNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGYTAXILAJULY 2018Arduino Based Home Automation Project via BluetoothAuthorNehal Sadiq 15-TE-64Akhter Hussain 15-TE-104Waseem Haider 15-TE-115BSc Engineering TelecommunicationSubmitted toEngr.

Adeel AsgharLab EngineerTelecommunication Engineering Department_______________Student Signature_______________Teacher SignatureDEPARTMENT OF TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERINGUNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGYTAXILAAbstractTechnology is a never ending process. To be able to design a product using the current technology that will be beneficial to the lives of others is a huge contribution to the community. This paper presents the design and implementation of a low cost but yet flexible and secure cell phone based home automation system. The design is based on a stand alone Arduino BT board and the home appliances are connected to the input/ output ports of this board via relays. The communication between the cell phone and the Arduino BT board is wireless.

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This system is designed to be low cost and scalable allowing variety of devices to be controlled with minimum changes to its core. Password protection is being used to only allow authorised users from accessing the appliances at home.Keywords: Bluetooth, Cellular phones, Home automation, Home appliances, Wireless communication,Graphical user interfaces, SoftwareDisclaimerThe contents of this report reacts the views of the author, who is responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the information presented here in. This document is disseminated with the EE Department, University of Engineering and Technology UET Taxila, in the interest of completion of course entitled “Digital Signal Processing and Application”. The University (UET) assumes no liability for the contents or use thereof.Signature of StudentWaseem HaiderNehal SadiqAkhter HussainContentsAbstract ————————————————————————————-Disclaimer———————————————————————————–List of Figures——————————————————————————Introduction———————————————————————————Project Objective—————————————————————————Cricuit Diagram—————————————————————————-Components——————————————————————————–Components Discription——————————————————————Arduino UNO————————————————————————-Blutooth Module———————————————————————Channel Relay Board—————————————————————-Circuit Design—————————————————————————–Working Process————————————————————————–Applications——————————————————————————-Limitations———————————————————————————Project Image——————————————————————————Pros of Home Automation—————————————————————Security———————————————————————–Energy Efficiency ———————————————————–Savings————————————————————————Convenience——————————————————————Comfort———————————————————————–Cons of Home Automation————————————————————–Cost of Intelegence———————————————————-Technology Learning Curve————————————————Video Surveillance———————————————————–Code——————————————————————————————Coclutions————————————————————————————Referecnces———————————————————————————-List of Figures TOC h z c “Figure” Figure 1 : Circuit Diagram PAGEREF _Toc519109451 h 10Figure 2 : Bluetooth Module PAGEREF _Toc519109452 h 13Figure 3 : Channel Relay Board PAGEREF _Toc519109453 h 14Figure 4 : Keys PAGEREF _Toc519109454 h 17Figure 5 : Controllers GUI PAGEREF _Toc519109455 h 18Figure 6 : Final Set Up PAGEREF _Toc519109456 h 20IntroductionWe are living in 21st century where automation of any form i.e.

home or industrial plays an important role in human life. With regards to modern mechanization, the idea is connected to vast machines or robots which help in expanding the productivity as far as creation, vitality and time. Home computerization then again includes mechanizing the family unit condition.

This is conceivable in view of the cell phones and web that we are generally utilizing. Home mechanization can be again separated in to simply controlling the machines utilizing a cell phone from a remote area and another compose loaded with sensors and actuators which controls the lighting, temperature, entryway locks, electronic contraptions, electrical apparatuses and so on utilizing a “Shrewd” framework. There are few issues included when outlining a home robotization framework. The framework ought to be versatile with the goal that new gadgets can without much of a stretch be coordinated into it.

It ought to give an easy to understand interface on the host side, with the goal that the gadgets can be effectively setup, checked and controlled. This interface ought to likewise give some indicative administrations so that if there is any issue with the framework, it can be found. Besides the general framework ought to be sufficiently quick to understand the genuine intensity of remote innovation. Finally the system should be cost effective in order to justify its application in home automation.Remote advancements are winding up more prominent around the globe and the buyers welcome this remote way of life which gives them remember of the outstanding “link mayhem” that has a tendency to become under their work area. Presently with the installed Bluetooth innovation, computerized gadgets frame a system in which the machines and gadgets can speak with each other. Today, home computerization is one of the real utilizations of Bluetooth innovation. Working over unlicensed, comprehensively accessible recurrence of 2.

4GHz, it can connect computerized gadgets inside a scope of 10m to 100m at the speed of up to 3Mbps contingent upon the Bluetooth gadget class. With this ability of Bluetooth; we propose a home mechanization framework in light of Bluetooth innovation. In this venture, we will plan a basic home mechanization venture utilizing straightforward segments utilizing which diverse electrical machines can turned on or off. The undertaking depends on Arduino and we have utilized Arduino UNO for the venture.Project ObjectiveThe target of this undertaking is to actualize a minimal effort, dependable and versatile home computerization framework that can be utilized to remotely turn on or off any family unit machine, utilizing a microcontroller to accomplish equipment straightforwardness, ease short informing administration for input and voice dial from any telephone to flip the switch state.Circuit DiagramFigure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1 : Circuit DiagramComponentsThe list of components mentioned here are specifically for controlling 4 different loads.

Arduino UNOHC – 05 Bluetooth Module10 K? Resistor20 K? Resistor1 K? Resistor X 42N2222 NPN Transistor X 41N4007 Diode X 412 V Relay X 4Prototyping board (Bread board)Connecting wires12 V Power supplySmartphone or tablet (Bluetooth enabled)Component DescriptionArduino UNOThe 8 – bit ATmega 328P microcontroller based Arduino UNO is utilized as a part of the task to control distinctive segments like Bluetooth module and hand-off system.Bluetooth ModuleThe Bluetooth Module utilized as a part of this venture is HC-05. As found in the picture beneath, this Bluetooth module has 4 – pins for VCC (5V), ground, TX and RX.Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2 : Bluetooth ModuleThis Bluetooth can be utilized with Bluetooth empowered telephone (or tablet or PC) and the scope of this module is roughly 10 meters. Channel Relay BoardA 4 – channel hand-off board is utilized as a part of this task to control four unique burdens.

It has all the vital segments and associations like base current restricting resistor, flyback diode, LED pointers and header for interfacing it to different gadgets.Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3 : Channel Relay BoardCaution: We should be very careful when using a relay with AC mains.Circuit DesignThe circuit plan of Home Automation in view of Arduino and Bluetooth is extremely basic and is clarified beneath. The Bluetooth module has 4 – pins: VCC, TX, RX and GND. VCC and GND are associated with 5V and ground from Arduino UNO.

The Bluetooth module takes a shot at 3.3V and it has an on board 5V to 3.3V controller. The TX and RX pins of the Bluetooth module must be associated with RX and TX pins of the Arduino.

In Arduino UNO, we are characterizing pins 2 and 4 as RX and TX utilizing programming. Consequently, TX of Bluetooth is associated with stick 4 of Arduino. In any case, while interfacing RX of Bluetooth to TX of Arduino (or any microcontroller in actuality), we should be watchful as the stick can endure just 3.3V. In any case, the voltage from TX or Arduino will be 5V. In this way, a voltage divider arrange comprising of 10K and 20K resistors are utilized to diminish the voltage to 3.3V roughly. Note: Any mix of resistors can be accustomed to cut down the voltage to around 3.

3V. The following stage is to interface the computerized I/O pins of the Arduino to contribution of the transfer board. More definite data about Arduino Bluetooth Interface and Arduino Relay Control.Working ProcessA basic home mechanization venture utilizing Arduino UNO, Bluetooth module and a cell phone. The point of this task is to control distinctive home machines utilizing a cell phone.

The working of the undertaking is clarified here. At the point when the power is turned on, the association LED on the Bluetooth module begins flickering. We have to begin the “Bluetooth Controller” application in our cell phone and get associated with the Bluetooth module. On the off chance that the blending is fruitful, the LED winds up stable. Presently, in the application, we have to set distinctive keys for various burdens and their comparing esteem that must be transmitted when that key is squeezed. The accompanying picture demonstrates an arrangement of keys to control 4 loads and an extra key to kill every one of the heaps.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4 : KeysThen we are ready to control the loads. When a key is pressed in the smartphone, the Bluetooth module receives the corresponding data and intern transmits that data to Arduino.Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 5 : Controllers GUIFor instance, on the off chance that we squeeze “LOAD 2 ON”, at that point the information got by the Bluetooth module is “2”. This information i.

e. “2” is transmitted to Arduino. Arduino at that point contrasts the got information and the information written in the outline and in like manner turns on the heap 2. The comparable activity can be relevant to different keys and loads. Utilizing this kind of association, we can control i.e. turn on or off various home electrical apparatuses utilizing our cell phones.

Caution: We should be very careful when using a relay with AC mains.ApplicationsUsing this task, we can turn on or off machines remotely i.e.

utilizing a telephone or tablet. The task can be additionally extended to a savvy home computerization framework by including a few sensors like light sensors, temperature sensors, security sensors and so forth and naturally modify distinctive parameters like room lighting, ventilating (room temperature), entryway locks and so on. furthermore, transmit the data to our telephone. Additionally, we can associate with web and control the home from remote area over web and furthermore screen the wellbeing.LimitationsThe framework needs a nonstop power supply to be useful or else we won’t not have the capacity to control the machines.Hence, most ideal approach to outline the framework effectively is actualize both the mechanized control and manual control through switches at once.Project ImagesFigure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 6 : Final Set Up Arduino Home Automation Arduino Home AutomationPros of Home Automation Security Tap your finger to turn on the lights when you return home so you stressed over what’s stowing away in the shadows, or in your pathways.

Or on the other hand robotize to turn on when you aren’t home to seem as though you are to avert potential criminals. Entryway locks are another mechanized home item that can build your home security.Energy Efficiency Increment your home’s vitality productivity by remotely controlling off frameworks and machines when they aren’t being used. Notwithstanding the standard home robotization items that give you dynamic control, a few items effectively screen frameworks and arm the mortgage holder with learning, understanding and direction to accomplish more prominent control and vitality effectiveness. SavingsIncrement your home’s vitality productivity by remotely controlling off frameworks and apparatuses when they aren’t being used. Notwithstanding the standard home mechanization items that give you dynamic control, a few items effectively screen frameworks and arm the mortgage holder with information, understanding and direction to accomplish more noteworthy control and vitality proficiency.Convenience Don’t you abhor relying on neighbors to watch your home when you’re no more? With home mechanization, helpful control of your house is readily available. You don’t need to confide in another person with your most esteemed belonging.

Comfort Ever leave for work toward the beginning of the day when it was an agreeable 68° outside just to get back home to a sweltering house in light of the fact that the temperature shot up to 90°? Associated home items like the Sensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostats let you advantageously change your home temperature from the versatile application so your family is constantly agreeable.Cons of Home Automation Cost of IntelligenceIntroducing best in class includes inside a home outcomes in a higher sticker price for the property. The cost of a canny home that makes our lives advantageous is high since a portion of the innovation is moderately new. The typical cost for basic items costs, for example, utilities, upkeep and repair of the innovation can be costly also.Technology Learning Curve Owning a savvy home means learning how to utilize your home. Dissimilar to customary homes, brilliant home innovation expects you to adjust to the advancements inside your living territory, for example, security frameworks, air units and a remote that controls your whole house. For the innovation shrewd family, the keen home will help accomplish comfort quicker, however for others, it will take perusing manuals and figuring out how-to before the advantages of accommodation pay off.

Video Surveillance Video reconnaissance can be a magnificent instrument in elevating security and hindering wrongdoing, yet when the innovation falls into the wrong hands, issues of protection can happen. Security sensors inside the entryways and dividers of a savvy home utilize remote innovation to exchange signs to a focal control unit that advises crisis authorities of any outside movement. Code#include <SoftwareSerial.h>const int rxPin = 4;const int txPin = 2; SoftwareSerial mySerial(rxPin, txPin);const int Loads = {9, 10, 11, 12};int state = 0;int flag = 0;void setup() { for (int i=0;i<4;i++) { pinMode(Loadsi, OUTPUT); } mySerial.

begin(9600); for (int i=0;i<4;i++) { digitalWrite(Loadsi, LOW); } }void loop() { if(mySerial.available() > 0) { state =; flag=0; } switch(state) { case ‘0’:digitalWrite(Loads0, HIGH); flag=1; break; case ‘1’:digitalWrite(Loads0, LOW); flag=1; break; case ‘2’:digitalWrite(Loads1, HIGH); flag=1; break; case ‘3’:digitalWrite(Loads1, LOW); flag=1; break; case ‘4’:digitalWrite(Loads2, HIGH); flag=1; break; case ‘5’:digitalWrite(Loads2, LOW); flag=1; break; case ‘6’:digitalWrite(Loads3, HIGH); flag=1; break; case ‘7’:digitalWrite(Loads3, LOW); flag=1; break; case ‘8’:digitalWrite(Loads0, LOW); digitalWrite(Loads1, LOW); digitalWrite(Loads2, LOW); digitalWrite(Loads3, LOW); flag=1; break; }}Conclusion The home mechanization framework has been tentatively demonstrated to work acceptably by interfacing test apparatuses to it and the machines were effectively controlled from a remote cell phone. We learned numerous abilities, for example, binding, wiring the circuit and different apparatuses that we use for this venture and could cooperate as a group amid this undertaking. The Bluetooth customer was effectively tried on a large number of various cell phones from various producers, therefore demonstrating its convenientce and wide similarity. Along these lines a minimal effort home computerization framework was effectively composed, actualized and tried.References1 The official Bluetooth website from Bluetooth SIG: http://www. 2 Neng- Shiang Liang; Li-Chen Fu; Chao-Lin Wu. “An integrated, flexible, and Internet-based control architecture for home automation system in the internet era”.

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