Assignment not of any material or form

Assignment 1 Reading Summary and Critical max 400 words, in ur own words, MUST reference if paraphrase. Ref article, “direct quote”ref. formal writing, “Building have Meaning” by Andrew Ballantyne Discusses the depth amongst conventionally built structures in which embodies our cities as a whole- “the home which the core in charged with meaning involved with most personal aspects of our lives” (Ballantyne. A). He further discusses the idea of home that which is not of any material or form but a feeling projected from familiarity and belonging.

A home is which does everything to and for us- protecting, witnessing the best and worst times, and fulfill our spiritual needs. Evident in buildings as suggested by Ballantyne, businesses are shaping their hotel scope around the world into common characteristics to blend one’s familiarity to feel homely. Home is what shapes a person’s comfort level through society’s ideal of “norm”, but when forced to change into a new society, different levels of freedom challenges one’s familiarity of “home.Many are aware that society shapes and bounds the perception of norm for its people, forgetting its context and cultural heritage, the idea of home should base of its people as a whole and not by science or art, but the both. Therefore it is justified by Ballantyne that “Architects’ role is to design not only a building with practical utility but also with an eye to their cultural value.

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Finally, “Building have meaning’s intent” is to acknowledge that “Architects build what is thought to be most home over and over to develop cities that feels most culturally close to people, As buildings blends with building to create norm and same level of freedom”- Ballantyne. ____________________________________________________________ _______________________ ____________________________________________________________ _______________________ Ballantyne, Andrew. 2010. “Architecture: Building have Meaning”. pp. 24-75 New York : Sterling. Burns, Carol J.

1991. “On Site: Architectural Preoccupations”. pp. 146-167


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