Appreciation multiculturalism is not such a bad thing

Appreciation of cultural diversityCultural diversity is all about having different races, ethnicity and genders in the same place be it an organization or a country or any place. In the United States, cultural diversity has become quite controversial bringing up different opinions among different experts on the subject matter. Some see this as a tool for unifying the world while others think that this practice is the source of racial conflicts among other forms of discrimination.First off, in the history of America, this was a land of waste where the original inhabitants I the western region were Indians who had their own forms of civilizations and the coming of the Europeans changed the way things were run in the region.

The Europeans brought many individuals from different races, some who were slaves and other races came as traders, explorers and religious individuals. Today over 50% of the American population consists of different races apart from the Americans themselves and we all coexist mutually in the same region. According to my opinion, multiculturalism is not such a bad thing at it helps out many individuals from all over the world. To begin with the academic exchange programs where students from diverse cultures come to Americana to peruse their educational careers which for some reason they can’t do that from the original homes. Organizations which practice cultural diversity are seen to be flourishing in business as the innovation and creativity base is expanded through cultural diversity.

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On the part of loss of the American identity to multiculturalism, cultural diversity will lead to loss of the American identity and so will it lead to loss of other cultures in the world also. This is because the whole world is now bent on moving towards a more communal and integrative world where there are no differences in terms culture or ethnicity or racial discrimination. So the closing of the American identity isn’t much of an issue as we continue holding on to such cultural backgrounds, the harder it is doing away with the forms of discrimination.


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