Applying wasn’t clear where the different products were

Applying the cell manufacturing system will result in decreasing the direction for the employees cells and that will help empowerthem to make and trust their own decisions, also, one of the non-financial benefits is to increase the level of motivation in the employees. one of the other benefits is the minimization of the inventory.

2- At what stage, and how, should Dean sell his idea to the Joinery Manager and the workers?Dean should sell the idea to the Joiner at the very start during the conceptual stage. they can success if they involved theemployees from the beginning, thought projects like this fail because employees don’t accept the change quickly.3- How different would the cell work be to that in the main Joinery Department?The department would be divided into cells that would specify in different parts of the product manufacturing process that’s how the cell work would be different. because before it wasn’t clear where the different products were but it will change with the cell manufacturing system.4- Should Dean differentiate the working environment by providing distinctive work-wear such as T-shirts and distinctively painted machines, in order to reinforce a cultural change?Dean must do the suggested changes to bring the cultural change because this project is one of the managing change, this meansthe manager must form a structural culture that rely on the process of invention, also employees are the most important part of anyorganization and the manager should make the best possible working environments to satisfy the employee.5-What risks are associated with Dean’s proposal?There will might be slowdowns during the initiating process and that could be a risk, also the employees not being motivated enough or doesn’t accept the change is also a big risk, one of the risks is the costs because the department will be rearranged and that cost money Also, the equipment might need to be upgraded from time to time and these upgrades will increase the costs.


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