I take delivery of the same if

I hereby request you to please take charge for safe custody of a packet properly sealed and labelled with my address thereon but without its contents having been declared and made known to you. I agree that the bank will not incur any liability or responsibility in the event of the said packet being stolen, lost or destroyed wholly or in part thereof by theft, dacoit, fire or other accident, minor or major, over which the bank may have no control. I also agree that I shall take delivery of the same if the bank requires me to do so by giving me a three-day notice.

I also undertake that if I do not take delivery of the same within the notice period, the bank will be absolved from all risks and responsibilities for loss or destruction or mis-delivery of the packet in whole or in part thereof. I hereby declare that the contents of scaled packet deposited are non- combustible and non-hazardous in character and I am responsible for any risk or damage that may incidentally result from its presence in the bank. I have read the other conditions given on the form filled up by me and undertake to treat them as binding.

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I agree to pay you in advance the charges for safe custody of the said packet as are now in force or which may be fixed from time to time. Yours faithfully, (Name)(Address)Dated ___________


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