Apple Plus and iPhone X, Apple will redefine

Apple iphone 9iPhone 9 Design, symptoms  and Features, What’s New?Here are some of the major rumors we’ve heard and new features and changes that you like to introduce.With the release of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, Apple will redefine it with three new models in 2018. Reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Instead of offering the iPhones in the iPhones and the Xperia X, there’s a lower camera and screen from the Apple handset.Kuo’s latest investment note (via 9to5Mac) for the mid-range is described by the Android-based iPhone 6,1-inch LCD screen. The IPhone 9 appears to be known as the model typically has a traditional retina screen with a PPI 330 and one rear camera.

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It’s a 4.7-inch screen, the iPhone 8 evolution that starts at the same price. As well as, On top of this, the KIO is expecting the iPhone 10, the second-in-tired iPhone, the iPhone. These iPhones 11 and the iPhone 11 Plus, featuring the new iPhones, have over 450 inches of incredible Retina displays with more than 450 inches and an inch-wide OLED display.

The small version will be similar to the iPhone X. A large one will give you enough space on a splash screen. As different types from the iPhone 9, each model includes dual-back cameras, 3D touch and DRM 4GB.Super Retina Display:  The big changes introduced by iPhone X were one great Retina. It’s a 5.8 inches OLED display that opens 2436×1125 pixel-rich display. We expect very little to get the iPhone 9 results to show in the same way in 2018.

As a start to buying OLED disks for sales, they become a more powerful alternative to the new iPhone models. Most of the users are often reminded that it is increasingly difficult to improve the smartphone because it is generally considered to be reasonably good for users for the majority of users. The display of upside-down will be a simple reality.

However, a WSJ report in September 2017 showed that Apple was interested in purchasing large stocks of Japan’s stall. The next rally in September, 70% of the company will be the company’s order stall for the next rally. It’s definitely not the only OLED plugin for iPhone premium editions. In 2081, Apple had designed five different screens for 5.

28 inches, 5.85 inches and 6.46 inches. However, the latest rumor has been removed from the Google Maps Roadmap by the 5.3-inch model, and instead we sent two of us with a huge mobile phone. Also, the iPhone X has the same screen as the small screen in the mobile device on the sensor and camera components. Face ID: If Apple shifts the front of the Super Retina screen on the iPhone 9, it will be difficult on the TouchPad sensor. Apple’s solution to remove Fingerprint Scanner X is to introduce a new 3D Face Recognition System for User ID: Face ID.

Apple’s iPhone 9 also uses technology to determine how good iPhone owners are.Apple A12 chip : Absolutely, Apple will be a new experience, a chip designed for iPhone 9. This chip set is sometimes referred to as Apple A12 and can increase performance and / or battery life.

The current Apple A11 Bionic chip refers to the high performance of the older Apple 25% faster than the A10 fusion. A10 increases the efficiency of high-energy centers to 70%. The easiest way to upgrade the Apple Chipset is to make the most efficient production process.

The Apple A11 chip is built on a 10nm process; The distance between the transistors is the distance – small distance, remote transistors, and computer power. Many companies are already in the process of 7nm, such as Samsung and TMMS. When we hear of this, we update this article with the 7nm progress. Better battery life: Although there is no rumor about the iPhone 9 battery life, we will be surprised to see Apple’s focus on 2018 in the future. As I mentioned earlier, we have many features that make such a high performance and many of the innovations hard at the “highest smartphone” platform.So far, all the more effective innovations have not paid attention to battery life.

But the phone users are increasingly concerned about the length of time their phone is charging, and the battery life will be long-lasting, as manufacturers work to make annual improvements to phone manufacturers. The next year, switching to a most efficient 7nm chip will be an easy way to save energy. We can see that Apple is trying to grow battery life in 2018. Long Cordless Charging: Earlier this year, it was revealed that Apple had patented a mobile device for charging without wire. This has already read the new iPhone X (read: Apple AirPer), but this patent does not change: long range wires.

To think: you put a nook to your home and look like a router. Then, when you are sitting in your living room, your phone will never be deactivated.You can put your checks in your local, local Starbucks or in your car. Daily enough, you can get enough of your mobile phone. This will reduce pressure on companies to improve battery life, and charges will be easier.

Indeed, this is only a patent, and therefore Apple does not guarantee that such technology is launched. Will the IPhone 9 is resistant to water?The iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPad X are waterproof but water is not available. Series IP67, they can be blitzed by block, Dunks and flood, and are not classified as competing mobile phones by Samsung and others.IP68 will surprise even those who want to thin deeper deeply, even if everyone with the iPhone does not have a list of volunteers, even those who reveal it to the work or the ground. You will soon be able to see another super-product by Apple. It’s called the apple iphone 9. It’s a super hi-tech technology that we hope to see sooner.



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