Apple and Samsung have been really big rivals,and both companies account for more than half of smartphones sold worldwide (Chellel 1). Year after year, Apple has designed new devices with technology that helps improve the world and clearly made Samsung’s work harder to make their devices better., Apple and Ssamsung have changed the world with their rivalry, each time they design a new device and improves the technologymakes the technology improved, both companies have great potential and it is thanks to their rivalry that they have.  They propose to improve their devices, and inspire the big need of why competition is necessary. In two texts I read one Called ” Harrison Bergeron ” by Kurt Vonnegut and “Competition makes a comeback ” by June kronholz it has a lot of information about how intense and necessary competition is., In “Harrison Bergeron”,Ilt explores the theme of forced equality in American society in the not so distant future. Vonnegut creates a world in which all living people  are equal in all ways. He focuses on creating equality by altering  strength, and intelligence as opposed to dealing with race, religion, and sex, the true issues of equality in society. He writes this story to teach the lesson that all people are not equal, but rather, they all have strengths and weaknesses making each uniquely individual. In “Competition makes a comeback” the author writes about how participants of a spelling bee competition have the effort and intense concentration and  focus on wanting to keep on scoring in the spelling bee and eventually the competition grows as there are less participants are left. So I think that competition really is necessary for high achievement due to my three reasons which are, some people have different abilities and skills that can make competition very interesting and  if some people have different ideas and abilities they can come up with great products, another reason is some people make mistakes in competitions, and I think that people learn from those mistakes and eventually become better humans, and the last reason is competition takes the best effort out of you and people learn to be more responsible from this.


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