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From a competitive advantage Apple computers in California, which has started to build video briefing centers to help sell Apple systems to top corporate executives, depict perspective the impact of videoconferencing. This system allows the companies staff located throughout the country to assist in sales pitches by video link, giving them a distinct advantage over their competitors. According to their Donna Collins the manager of videoconferencing networks for Apple “when we need to bring on a product manager, or even the Apple president, they come in, take part for as long as need, and then return to their other meetings and projects.This helps us get a variety of experts and technical resources to the customer easily and quickly. ” This competitive advantage provided by videoconferencing is also seen things like productivity, with John Champa of Unisys Corporation reporting measurable improvements in the ability of his managers to get work done. Bendix/King Division of Allied Signal supports this indicating his company was able to release an important new product far enough in advance of its competitors that, for a year, it almost owned the market. These are unexpected benefits, which have been realized in implementing videoconferencing technology.

However they are unevenly distribution between organizations, as companies that will experience more benefit are the ones whose top management is tech savvy. Videoconferencing systems also have the impact of allowing companies to further their image in their industry and to promote community relations. A good example is The Travelers, a Connecticut based insurance provider known in the market for its products designed for the elderly. This company has began employing its business video network to co host the nationwide videoconferences on elder care.This has provided the company with an unexpected means of lifting its profile in the community and of enhancing its reputation.

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NEGATIVE OUTCOMES Despite the seeming abundance of benefits that videoconferencing offers, much like other ICT’s this new technology also spawns various negative consequences. A major negative impact of videoconferencing is the interaction problems that it has created. Indeed communications breakdowns have been evident with the technology since it was first introduced with problems like mishearing, misunderstanding and misinterpreting of messages.These communication breakdowns are a direct result of absence of things like eye contact, facial expressions, and bodily gestures, which we use as trouble flags, indicating if something has been understood. In face-to-face communication for example, frowns are used to indicate if a person is confused. Although videoconferencing provides a picture of the person we are communicating with, such gestures are not observed anywhere near as easily. This is heightened when you consider much videoconferencing revolves around interaction across international borders, and cultural mistakes can be made without even spotting the problems created.

This is an unexpected and paradoxical effect of videoconferencing, which was believed to improve communication almost to the point of being in the same room as one another. However such a loss of cues that are intrinsic parts of our everyday communication has meant it “is not and never will be like being next to one another. ” These results conflict with earlier findings that it improves communication, thus it can be seen that videoconferencing has varying effects in different situations, so measurement of its influence on human contact can possibly be shaky evidence.

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