Appearance- 4. Time is only added to

Appearance- -They wear white or any other natural colour so they aren’tbeing associated with the team and so that people know they’re an umpire.-Have to be wearing different colours from the players onthe court.-Wear running shoes or training shoes.

-White instead of black.Equipment- 1.      Whistle2.      Water bottle3.      Hair band4.      Rule book5.      Stopwatch (and a spare one)6.      Nail clippersFitness needed- Umpiresneed to have a good level of fitness for the matches, as they have to runaround quite a bit.

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Health and safety- 1.      Make sure all nails are short.2.

      Make sure that the post has a post protector-this is required!3.      No jewellery should be worn.Qualifications- Theymust understand the rules of netball and be able to know all the signals and touse a stopwatch.Control of players- Thereare 14 players on a netball court. You can only have two players reaching forthe ball.Effectivecommunication- The umpire’s communication has to be good to make it clearto the players and show them what they need to do.Netball Timekeeper.Appearance- Whiteis a favourite colour by many umpires; this easily separates umpires fromplayers.

Equipment- Officialtiming device is needed (clock, stopwatch, timer, etc.).Application of rules- Learn to use odds and evens scoringsystem. This gets used to record goals scored and call the next centre pass.Control of players-Educate official times during the game. E.

g., illnesses, injuries of for bloodspillages.Fair play- 1.      Accurate timekeeping2.      Make sure that any extra time is added on at theend of the game.3.      Stop time when needed.4.

      Make sure it’s accurate!Use of technology- 1.      Set the timer for 4x15min quarters, with 35minutes half time, based on the age group.2.      Indicate any bonus time for either team on thetimer.3.

      Stop the clock when the referees whistle isheard.Communication- 1.      Frequently check with scorer to make sure thatboth the score on the clock and the score in the book.2.      Work only with the referee, not players, fans orcoaches.3.      Only take directions from the referee.

4.      Time is only added to the clock if the refereesays so.5.      Signal to umpire when quarters finish.6.      30 seconds remaining, then 10 seconds remaining.NetballScorer.

Appearance- 1.      Have to have their hair tied back at all times.2.      Wear as much white as possible (all white ifpossible).Equipment- 1.      Score cards.2.      A pen and a pencil.

3.      A rule book.4.      A score sheet.5.      Clip board(S).Fitness- Theydon’t have to be fit because all they do is sit down.Rules- 1.

      When a goal is scored they must shout out thescore and make sure that it has been shouted loud enough so everyone can hearclearly.2.      They must always be paying attention to the gameat all times because a player might get injured or suspended from the game. 


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