I of your pansies and phloxes have

I don’t know how to express my regrets and remorse for our pet-dog Nick’s misadventure into your kitchen garden yesterday. I am told by my wife that most of your pansies and phloxes have been crushed, trampled upon and uprooted. We were all delighted to see these beautiful flowers from our balcony. They were a veritable feast to eyes. You had taken so much trouble to grow and nourish them. I can very well understand your feelings at this unfortunate turn of event. Nick is a nice dog, but I don’t know what got into his head to undertake such an adventure. I sincerely apologize for the loss and I would be really glad to do anything to compensate you.

My wife would come to you to know if you would like to have some nice flowering plants from the nearby nursery, of course we would pay for them. My friend’s gardener would fetch them from the nursery and plant them for you in your garden, but first of all let me know your choice of plants and flowers. With best wishes.

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