Apart my personality. My habit of reading books

Apart from my academic work, my keen interest andparticipation in extracurricular activities like athletics, basketball, andcycling have aided me in the overall development of my personality. My habit ofreading books has helped me expand my English language proficiency which isquite evident in my TOEFL scores.At the end of my undergraduate program, I was at thecrossroads of making a decision, one that would change my life forever. By now,I’ve decided to pursue my higher studies in computer sciences, the taste ofwhich I’ve tasted while working on my project. But, the dilemma was whether topursue higher studies or to get a job at an MNC. I’ve decided to take up a jobfirst, see what it has to offer, get professional experience and then plan onpursuing higher studies. And so, I’ve secured myself a job as Software EngineerTrainee at Cyient Ltd. in 2015, a services and solutions provider to the globalmarket in the fields of data analytics, manufacturing, engineering, andnetworks & operations.

I was just an out of college kid, surrounded bypeople, who are domain experts, always thinking out of the box and knew exactlywhat they were doing. The time that I’ve spent at Cyient, is the mostintriguing that I’ve ever been. I was assigned a mentor, who taught me theconcepts like SDLC model, entry criteria, exit criteria, tools that I’ve neverheard of and being the quick learner that I am, I soaked in all the informationthat I could on a daily basis.

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Post the six months of training, I started beingproductive to the team which made the management recognize my efforts andpromoted me to Software Engineer. I’ve always put everything into what I didand tried to be the best among my colleagues. This determination has led me toexceed everyone’s expectations in the short time that I’ve started working andearn praise from the management and my colleagues. At a later stage, after about two years, as I was working ona project alone on a Sunday evening, I’ve realised that no matter how muchpractical and domain knowledge one has gained, it all renders to nothingwithout the in-depth knowledge and actual conceptual skills, that can only beattained in an academic setting and I knew my job wasn’t going to help me inachieving that goal.

So, it was in this regard, I’ve decided it was the righttime to pursue a graduate degree, where I can attain the all-around skillsneeded to become a full-fledged software engineer and choosing to pursue thatdegree in the USA, only aids me in experiencing the best of the faculty andinfrastructure that anybody could offer and gives me the international exposurethat I vitally need to reach my future goals.I honestly believe that studying computersciences at the Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx University that possesses the ideal academicenvironment, the most experienced faculty and the best infrastructure, canprepare me for my future professional life, contribute to my personal andsocial development and help me in setting a new direction to my professionalcareer going forward.


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