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Another character inthe Tv series which is fighting a battle for equality is Sana, the maincharacter of season 4,a muslim girl, who had to endure prejudices just becauseshe is different and has another religion. She finds herself  into a conflict between her Muslim identityand Norwegian identity, struggling to find her place into the world.(TVTropes,web)Sana becomescold-hearted because of the way in which people treated her and she seeks”freedom from discrimination” .(Handout 4) For example, there was a scene inwhich some high-school girls were talking about Sana, about her way of  living (she does not drink alcohol and shedoes not party like other girls), about her hijab and how she does not fit intotheir “ordinary” world.

  Sana heard allof their talk and she was so furious and hurt at the same time ,but she couldnot do something about it. Instead she decided to help other people not feelthe same thing as she did. At some point she says that “Because hate doesn’tcome from religion, but from fear.”(TV series, Skam, season 4,Sana to Isak) And I think that she is referring to fear ofthe unknown, the fear of other people accepting the fact that not everyone isthe same and being different can be a good thing, not a reason of prejudice anddiscrimination.

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Like Noora, Sana is astrong and independent soul, but at some point she faces another type ofdiscrimination : “gender-based discrimination” (Handout 4). She falls in lovewith a non-muslim boy, Yousef, a  kindand beautiful person, who makes Sana feel good and special, but she cannot bewith him because religion does not allow her to have a relationship with anon-muslim boy. She confrunts her mother, being so furious because it is notfair for a muslim man to be able to marry a non-muslim girl, having the rightto fall in love with who they want and please and women not having the right tochoose. It was not easy for the the main character of season 4 to overcome theprejudices and misunderstandings of her colleagues and parents ,but at the endshe chooses to remain ” kind,caring and reasonable”. (Fandom,powered by Wikia,Skamwiki,web) (Skam,Tv series,season 4 )


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