Another incarcerated prisoner from ever re offending. Having

Another problem that these prisoners face in the process of reentry into being employed is the way individuals view them in the workplace.

Employers and other employees show plenty of signs on how they discriminate those who have gone to jail or prison. A very few amount of prisoners often ever truly return or reenter the workforce, only a small percentage of this group will actually obtain such said positions with status, which can also provide a good living salary. Plenty agree that the wide number of individuals leaving incarceration do not have the skills it takes to gain employment and may also have trouble holding this such said position once they finally have them. Entering the work force can be extremely difficult for these individuals just because of discrimination.

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Studies show that by having a job that has a good paying wage will keep the incarcerated prisoner from ever re offending. Having a good job is just part og being able to actually have a successful reenter into society.


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