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Another example of a claim which can be further looked at is “asking questions based on pre-existing knowledge that is flawed actually increase ignorance while solidifying confidence.” An example of real life situation is one of the IB classes I take, Psychology HL. In Psychology class I have learned about Social Identity Theory as a part of my course. Social Identity Theory is a person’s sense of who they are based on the membership in the group. Tajfel and Turner’s social identity theory explains that there are two kinds of groups. The ingroup is when one perceives themselves as part of the group. The outgroup however is another group where the person does not identify with others. The division of the two groups suggests that the stereotypes are most oftenly directly onto the outgroups where the description of a specific group can be generalised. This leads to societal observation of others and the behaviour factors which affects the way one perceives the world. When asking questions in class concerning a specific group, one already has a pre-existing knowledge about respective groups. This means that the questions which are being asked are leading questions in order to get the desired answer. We are trapped by our pre-existing notions, hence we are trapped in a cycle of ignorance. We do not know how to ask questions that will free us from our societal-based concepts of particular social groups. This leads to a further ignorance not to an enlightenment. For example, current President of the USA, 71 years old Donald Trump, when asked about the entrance of African immigrants into US, stated: “Haiti? Why do we want people from Haiti here? Why do we want these people from all these shithole countries here? We should have more people from places like Norway.” In fact, in a situation as such, confidence and doubt are affected on a more personal and inner perspective.  An individual never wants to look at themselves in a negative manner, however when it is inevitable, self confidence decreases and so does the strengths in the pre existed knowledge.


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