annotationThe and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the BMW Group

annotationThe introduction of this management task discusses the differences and similarities between BMO and General Motors. Therefore, researchers will explain and describe the four elements of the organizational structure chosen by the researchers. Both organizations (BMW and GM) are market leaders. However, BMW and General Motors have many similarities and differences that are related to each other.

In addition, researchers will explain and explain the structures of the four organizational elements, such as centralization and decentralization, SPAN control, governance, leadership in the chain.introductionBMWPiersch Möturn & Werk AGG, known as BMW, was founded in Germany in 1916 in Bavaria. BMW is a German luxury brand, known for the production of cars, motorcycles and engines. RapMotorWirek Corporation was founded in 1917 and was soon established as a limited limited company. Although he reworked his motto, he remained a true mother for his original symbol and remained blue and white, symbolizing the Bavarian flag (Sheppard, 2015).It produces cars Mini and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and is well known for offering a variety of cars with exceptional standards and quality around the world. With three brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the BMW Group has a strong understanding of the premium segment of the international automotive market. To achieve its goal, the company knows how to use its power with unprecedented efficiency in the automotive industry.

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From R & D to sales and marketing, MOU strives for the highest quality for all its products and services. The success of the company is still proof of the validity of this strategy. (BMO Group, 2017).Common machinesGeneral Motors, founded on August 11, 2009, develops, manufactures and sells cars, trucks, crossovers and auto parts (data, 2011).

GM Corporation (GM) is the world’s largest full-featured online manufacturer and marketer. Among its arsenals are Chevrolet, Pontiac, GAMEK, Buick, Cadillac, Saturn, Hummer and Hard. Opel, Vauxhall and Holden include international cloud boards. Through a global alliance system, General Motors owns shares of Isuzu Motors Limited, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

, Suzuki Motor Co., Fiat Auto and GM Daewoo Automobile & Technology. Other major companies include General Motors and its subsidiaries, financial and insurance companies for GM customers and dealers. In the early 2000s, struggling with rising health care costs and retirement, GM sought to reduce some of its less profitable activity. To this end, the company sold its stake in Hughes Electronics, canceled production of Oldsmobile and stopped Chevrolet Camero and Pontiac Firebird. In difficult economic conditions, General Motors retains its position as the world’s leading automaker (Britannica, 2017).

In early 2017, General Motors agreed to sell the Opel business to the PSA Group, based in France, one of the largest automakers in Europe.Elements of the organizational structureCentralization and decentralizationCentralization is a process in which decision-making is concentrated in some hands. Senior management (Vitez, 2014) has agreed on all important decisions and actions at a lower level, all lower-level materials and procedures, according to Allen, “centralization” is a systematic and consistent reservation of authority at the center of the organization. :Book reservations at the highest level.Reserves current energy reserves with middle-level managers.Book a business at a lower level towards the top level.Figure 1: Central structureDecision-making is the process of choosing the course of action between alternatives.

Decision-making can be centralized or decentralized. Decision-making is central, if one of the most important decisions mentioned above. If decisions are decentralized, decisions are left to executive officers (in 2005). There are many reasons why BMO is a centralized company.

BMW is one of the largest car companies in the world. Its large size is one of the main reasons why a company is centralized. In 2014, BMW plans to invest capital of $ 1 billion. US plant in South Carolina: “By the end of 2016, we will increase the plant’s annual production capacity by 50% to 450,000 cars, with a capacity of about 300,000 cars, astronomical amount.” Venture capital firms contribute to the center of BMO is very concerned about you, located throughout Europe, China and many countries in Asia.

The MFI’s central structure provides considerable efficiency over time and resources, as high coordination levels are made possible by decision makers who coordinate overall organizational activity.At BMW, Central Central is focused on the highest level of management. Therefore, decisions are made above and transferred through layers.

Managers at the intermediate and low levels perform the various organizational elements effectively.Competitive conditions contribute to centralization in the PMU. For example, BMW introduces the most important brand in this word, and BMW is very proud of its product and brand. However, BMW has a diversified product, and all brands have the same quality and better than the competitors that drive central within the organization. Finally, BMW has extensive experience in international business, seeing that this is the most famous company in the world, producing various products. These examples illustrate why BMO is a central company.BMWBMO seeks excellence, creativity and innovation. Its administrative structure and organizational structure are complex, reflecting the volume of work and the global scope of its activities.

BMW has created an organizational structure that is difficult to describe, but the organizational structure shows us that this is a central institution where BMW executives and managers can make decisions that affect their business (Dudovsky, 2016).Figure 2: Company’s organizational structureBMW has different directors for different departments, which make independent decisions. The Chairman’s Committee consists of four standing committees: the Audit and Personal Affairs Committee, the Mediation Committee and the Nominations Committee. Each committee is composed of independent members.General motorsGM is a hierarchical design, responsibility and hierarchical regulatory authority. This allows you to focus on gathering people performing similar tasks or belonging to a group.

GM’s bureaucracy has strengthened its focus, rationality and efficiency (Oxisys, 2015). GM uses the management structure. Each department has its own CEO.

According to, GM is a typical hub organization. The table below shows the structure of General Motors (GM, 2016).

Figure 3: Organization of the companyAdministrative shortcutsThe management component is part of the organization’s project, which includes division of business into units according to business capacity or other criteria. Most organizations, including BMW and GM, have used at least two types of divisions at one time. Some standard management division methods include the activity of each function, product type, customer base, geography, work and chain of command (Rob, 2016).According to Professor Pearce and Robinson, “Management is a combination of logical units that combine functions, processes and resources in the performance of some organizational tasks.

” The concept of management is illustrated in the figure below.Organizations in the department can be organized in the following ways.1) Function managementIn functional management, the organization organizes departments according to individual tasks that guide the organization. For example, BMO and General Construction can manage production, sales, accounting and human resources.

Functional units are useful because they improve efficiency and experience, where all relevant activities are carried out in one place by a group of persons specialized in the activity.2) Geographical distributionIn geographical organizations, organizations are organized along a geographical line. This is a good idea for large multinational companies that have offices around the world. For example, all activities in each area related to activities are handled by departments in the region. On the other hand, the GM also has the same geographic division in its organization and participates in any activity on a global scale. One advantage of this approach is that it ensures the development of expertise in the area of ??the political, social and cultural needs of the region.3) Product management.

This type of management is defined as “grouping activities around a product or group of products”. Many large organizations include product management to facilitate coordination of activities with products or production lines, improved decision-making, and enhanced product liability or product identification. BMO and Omom Motors create a separate product or product separately by departments such as production, Marketing, staff, etc. Each department is independent, responsible for raising and improving business efficiency. At the same time, the head of each department is also responsible for ah fees, revenue, rejection and failure.

At BMW and GM, all activities are grouped, and these activities include, directly or indirectly, the production of general components and specialized vehicles.4) Customer management.In customer management, departments are separated by customer type or customer base for review or authorization. For example, clients in BMW and GM can be categorized as Killiamatan, international or foreign client of this type, internal or domestic, wholesale or wholesale, retail, and more.

D. Customers in each group need different tactics and strategies to solve these problems. Therefore, for this reason, it provides the correct customer management.Seamless ordersThe target group refers to the level of authority of the senior staff member (such as the chief executive or president) before the main staff member. According to, the chain of command is a hierarchical structure of power, with the leadership of the organization directly controlling the activities of its members. The rationale behind the chain of command is to coordinate all types of people and groups involved in the organization’s goals and tasks.

Individuals or groups that work in specific tasks do not always understand ordinary art. The leadership must coordinate its efforts to achieve the common goal of Kiselamatan (Johnson, 2017).In the traditional leadership chain, organizational structure, president, or CEO position is the highest employee in the leadership chain. Second line of the staff direct implementation plan. (Heathfield, 2016).

In large organizations such as BMW and GM, driving the application chain improves efficient and efficient decision making. However, both organizations are the largest in the automotive industry, so they have people who support and support managers.Kesselamatan said in the BMW executives, the excellent driving chain ensures that each task has a person who is responsible for performance. Both organizations have shown that they have a good leadership chain that should ensure their success. In a series of booklets BMW and Omom Motors define the role of each employee in the organization, determined by the nature of their relationship with others.

According to the proposal of the Office of Business Administration, there should be a maximum of 30 members of the board and advisors. The Board of Directors is responsible for the annual evaluation and self-evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer. The Standing Committee includes the Kiselaman Audit Committee, the Board of Directors, the Corporate Governance Committee Kesselamatan, the Remuneration Committee, the Administrative Resources and the Executive Board. Each executive believes that international business, including all aspects of sales and distribution, strategic partnerships are specific aspects of global electronic technology services, human resources, marketing, communications, research organizations and jobs.On the other hand, the Board of Directors comprises 28 members of the Board of Directors and its employees. Each member responds individually to the annual self-assessment, and each Executive Director addresses all aspects of the post.Assess the nature of the two companies, it is clear that the Blitz team founded two companies on a written basis, subordinate to the staff authority, and finally lead the chain.

This is credit for employees because they consist of many boards, including managers, manageGM and GM Control GroupThe term “control” refers to the number of subordinates under the direct control of the boss. The control space is narrow or wide, resulting in a more flatter or stratified structure. Control effects are: improve efficiency, promote good communication and coordination, show good professional relations, promote better control, develop discipline and mutual trust. A narrow range of controls means that the manager has a chosen subordinate and may be a small number. The figures range from 2 to 3.

Given this control, the number of managers increases the total cost of the company.Wide control – under the control of managers under digital control, the digital scale to enhance effective coordination and improve communication 7-10, due to the low number of managers, but also reduces the total costFactors affecting the control of the similarity of the ability of managers to work, the complexity of the tasks described and the responsibilities of the manager does not regulate the necessary physical proximity and command and control subordinates.Universal Engine Range ControlBMWCloud has about 202,000 employees around the world, which shows that the company is based on a wide range of controls. Through a large number of board and a large number of managers, GM can easily and directly control the problem. Basically, the so-called General Motors Multividalnoyo structure to separate profit center, as is known, not only to create the car, but also to own cars in the automotive industry, production of Chevrolet, Cadillac and other brands of vehicles. In addition, GM has a wide range of controls due to the low number of brand managers. GM executives under the supervision of 5 to 7 subordinates.

Thus, GM is one of the most successful automotive production company in the world, due to the number of control effects, such as improved coordination and communication, reducing the number of people associated with the company cost manager, while connecting with the casual idea, short period of time is also effective Very, fast decision-making. With a wide range of controls, GM has created further momentum for its subordinates, improving the current nature of GM’s business.Like any other company, BMW has its own control. Their control is controlled by the nature of the company’s business, the type of management and the type of employee. December 2011, BMW employs about 100,000 employees, BMW has hired a lot of managers, and perhaps the manager can not control only 1-10 subordinates.

For technical reasons, the manager’s workload is lower because he can easily share his new ideas with staff. The managers also controlled a large number of subordinates, under the control of a large. Over the years, it still dominates this long period, BMW has become one of the highest levels of the automotive industry in the country because it allows officials to be included in the decision-making stage and employees have the opportunity to choose their own. Will make the company a success and increase productivity. Other factors affecting BMW’s production include a wide range of controls between managers and subordinates. With fewer managers and a wide range of management, barriers to communication between staff and senior staff have been removed, leading to direct contact between the parties.

The company received a huge profit of 2.43 billion euros in 2013, which was also a large-scale control factor at the time. Due to a small number of managers, the total cost of the company is also lower, resulting in increased profits.Coordination and differentiation are under the control of BMW and General MotorsWhat BMW and GM are sharing is that each of them adopts a wide range of controls, all of which are well known to the world’s leading car companies and make great annual profits.

The difference between them is that BMW is based on the fact that there is only one car on the GM label and GM less than GM because GM has a lot of road signs leading to more managers than BMW. In this case, the total cost of ownership of GM is higher than BMU because there are more managers in the company.FinallyFinally, this level shows how the General Assembly works. It defines the transfer, and how the administrative system achieves the desired result. In addition to decentralized use, General Motors and General Motors are associated with the basic driver type. Each organization has different elements, and each organization has the right to focus on all things related to the product. They register new people in the organization is also very strict.

It is based on these two organizations, which are implementing these components, while BMW and GM have become a leader in the automotive industry.Based on the examination and discussion of this task, much remains to be done for each organization, with the ultimate goal of strengthening its work. This proposal is included in both organizations. Their long history of victory and past elements. You may also realize that there are many better auto projects now. They need to watch the game and start focusing on the most effective ways to grow.

However, the results are coveted due to the adequacy of the BMW structures and GM pyramid.


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