Ann didn’t get the chance to adjust

Ann Dorvil                                                                                                                                                                   Lewis/ MislanUS History 1January 24, 2018Does the economy changing affect the country? Economic changes have many differing factors to determine how society is run. An economy change will greatly impact people and the way they live. But people need change to grow and advance. The economy changing  also impacts culture and politics, society and technology. The changes in the U.

S. of this time improved things for the minority who weren’t getting the full advantage of the american dream.A great example of this is back in the 1800’s with Boss Tweed and his reign of terror. He knew how to manipulate people to do what he wanted. And in this time period there were many immigrants coming into the united states from all over. They came from different countries with different governments so they didn’t understand the government in the United States.

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They didn’t understand democracy, they didn’t understand that they had the power, they didn’t understand that they had human rights. Boss Tweed took advantage of this he promised them food and shelter for their vote and they didn’t understand how much power they held. In an economy that is based on the people and what they have to say the people hold a lot of power. Boss tweed used that to get what he wanted and it worked. He had new york in the palm of his hand.According to Thomas Nast’s cartoon  Boss tweed is standing by a  ballot box waiting for all the immigrants that he bribed to cast their votes.

In the cartoon Boss Tweed is standing there with a scowl on his face feeling very entitled and very powerful because he knows that this is another election that he’s going to win. Underneath the picture there’s a caption that says “As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it? Say?”(Boss Tweed political cartoon) They didn’t know that they actually could do something about it or say something about it.They didn’t get the chance to adjust to anything, they were thrown into an economy they didn’t understand.

Because they were of lower class status they were easier to take advantage then someone who has been in this country.The only reason boss tweed was able to take advantage of these immigrants is because they were the lowest of low. They had absolutely nothing. To them giving their vote away was better than starving. Westward expansion was something completely different from what we knew and what we understood. In the west their economy was based on socialism. They were based on deal making and bargaining.

But the whites wanted the economy to be based on capitalism. Take from the rich and give to the poor. They started to make boundaries  and started the idea of owning land and livestock. This was new to the native americans because they were used to sharing the land and everyone profiting from it. Some of the native americans were opposed to this idea of capitalism but others were intrigued and decided to assimilate into this new way of life.Nativism is the idea of who is truly american and who isn’t, the minority of this era did not get the chance or the privilege of being called truly american. There was an endless flow of immigrants coming into america in the 1900’s and industries were blooming everywhere. New jobs were opening up all over the place.

The immigrants that were coming in worked for less so the companies hired more of them which raised unemployment to new heights. But made things better for these new immigrants, but getting here wasn’t easy at all, they were discriminated against because of the way they looked. They didn’t look like the “native” americans so they weren’t american and shouldn’t be allowed to come into america.

“There are tens of thousands of poems on these walls. They are all cries of suffering and sadness. The day I am rid of this prison and become successful I must remember that this chapter once existed I must be frugal in my daily needs needless extravagance usually leads to ruin all my compatriots should remember China once you have made some small gains, you should return home early.” (Huangshan) This is a poem carved on the walls of Angel island about all the struggles and hardships that the native americans had to go through to get to america. According to these angel island poems the immigrants that were coming in where detained and interrogated and lived in prison like conditions for months, years even. Life for these immigrants was strange, stressful, demoralizing and completely humiliating.In this time period things were pretty bad for a lot of Native Americans and minorities.

But something had to be done. The progressive era was full of changes being done to protect the people. Teddy Roosevelt was one of the most progressive presidents of this era. His square deal made it so that the food we were putting into our body was authentic. And that the meat we were eating isn’t contaminated and being properly cleaned and handled. Before Teddy put the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act into effect the meat was being laid into toxic waste. Muckrakers like Upton Sinclair exposed factories for the mal treatment of their meat.

In his book he talked about the horrors of the meat industry’s and the horrific conditions our food is in. According to Upton Sinclair “When they had speared out all they could reach, they emptied the vat on the floor, and then with shovels scraped up the balance and dumped it into the truck.” (sinclair 71-721)  they put the meat on the floor! And the people knew nothing about it. Roosevelt’s work was phenomenal but it was the muckrakers who really opened people’s eyes.The great depression brought the greatest amount of hardship on a ginormous scale. But it also was a time for the government to come together and help lift up the people of america. Herbert Hoover believed in something called rugged individualism. It was the idea that people should help themselves.

That didn’t exactly work because the unemployment rate was 25% so people were in poverty, people were starving, banks were crashing. It was just bad. Then on March 3rd 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt was put into office and abandoned the idea of rugged individualism.

FDR adopted the new deal, within the first 100 days of his presidency he made sure that all banks were inspected and banks that were considered ok and able to be reopened were reopened immediately. Banks that were in trouble were given loans from the government. Then he had to deal with the 25% unemployment rate. He made sure that farms were kept alive with his Agricultural Adjustment Act, he put young boys who didn’t get an education to work on roads, parks and deforestation projects with the Civilian Conservation Corps.

And as FDR once said “This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper”  and it has, the actions that the government took to pull people out of poverty has helped this country grow and prosper and move past the great depression (Roosevelt).


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