Ankle Three times for each toes. g). Towel

Ankle Rehabilitation Exercise1. Range of Motion Exercises (to be done multiple times during the day)a). Write the alphabet with your foot in water – 2 timesb). 30 each – dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, inversion and eversionmovements in water.c).

Sitting in a straight legged position wrap a towel around the base ofyour foot and pull toes toward your head (dorsiflexion). Hold for6 seconds count and continue for 3-5 minutes.d). One-Foot Stand – standing on bad foot, bend good at knee.Keep eyes closed. Continue for 3 minutese). Stair Stretch – stand with ball of foot in stair and heel droppingbelow stair for 6 seconds intervals. Start at 1-1 minutes andincrease by 15 seconds intervals each day.

f). Coin Pick up with Toes – using a dime try to pick up the coin witheach individually. Three times for each toes.g). Towel Curl with Toes – lay a towel out flat on the floor, curls thetoe completely by using only the toes. Repeat 3 times.*** Ice and elevate if any fluid accumulates after exercising ***2. Resistance Exercises:a).

Dorsiflexion with weight over foot. (purse-ankle weights)6 reps. at 30 secs.

eachb). Eversion with resistanceUsing a large rubber band to hold both feet in place stretch against therubber band with an eversion movement.3-5 minutes 6 reps. at 30 sec.

each.c). Toe Raises – standing flat on the floor raise heels off floor.Note: An achilles stretch should be done before and after each of theseexercises in #’s 2 and 3.

3. Jogging, Running and Sprinting: ( In pool at first if possible)a). Straight jog 400-800 yds. ( ice after exercise)b). Run straight-aways, jog turn. (CW ; CCW)c). Sprint straight-aways, run turn.

( CW ; CCW)d). “X” jumping with diagonals. (left, right, forward, backward)For these exercises soreness must act as your guide. As you progress throughthe running sequence you may add rope skipping, side to side hopping, front toback hopping and a standing inversion and eversion stretch and walk.At the jog and hop stage you may shoot actively – No 1:1 games.Category: Miscellaneous


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