Animation now we have seen Pakistan has its

Animation industry is growing rapidly in the world. With every time passworld is introduced with new technologies which give a new life to animation.

First 2d hand drawn animated short film was created in 1900’s. There aredifferent techniques of animation. Initially animation has been done with handdrawn; technology give new ways to animation and in early 1920 digital computerhas been established. By the late 1980s,photo-realistic 3D was beginning toappear in cinema movies, and by mid-1990s had developed to the point where 3Danimation could be used for entire feature film production. 1In Pakistan animation industry is also growing.

In late 1980’s withcomputer based technologies graphically animated TVC’s started making inPakistan, till now we have seen Pakistan has its own animated studios and havemade its own 2d and 3d animations. But unfortunately there is no historytraditional 2d hand drawn animation. But a Rising star of Pakistan Usman Riazgive a life to hand drawn 2d animation in Pakistan.

Usman Riaz is the founderof Mano animation studio, who is working on Pakistan’s first 2d hand drawnanimation, first trailer of a short film has been released in October 2015 andfull movie will be released soon. The main focus of paper is about Usman Riaz contribution towards 2danimation industry of Pakistan and to learn about his style and his inspirationfor Disney and Ghibli studio, and to know about future of animation inPakistan.      What is 2d animation?2D animation is the process of making hundreds of drawing, with slightlychange in each drawing, then havingthem animate by playing them quickly one after another.Traditional 2nd animation includes creating a drawing andthen making a 2nd drawing ofthe identical component, but with a very subtle change. Hundredsof drawings come after one another making still images a complete smoothanimation.

This animation technique has been carriedout for over 100 years. Although Walt Disney is regularly credited with making 2d animation with Mickey Mouse, he became now not thefirst individual to create a 2d animation. The first 2d animationever made was known as Fantasmagorie, made by Emile Cohl, created completely in black and white. The coolanimated film has several quick scenesin it.  The cartoon is set seventyfive seconds long and it took approximately seven hundred one-of-a-kind drawingsto create. 1930-1970s  commonly referredto as the “Golden Age” of animation).

 Disney (creators of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck,Goofy, and endless function-lengthfilms),Warner Brothers (makers of Looney Tunes that stared insects Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig) andHanna-Barbera (who made some of the tv cartoons for the duration of the 50- 70s,most significantly TheFlinstones andScoobyDoo).  Those companies helped unfold and popularize using 2d Animation.Within the Nineteen Sixties, 2d animationfrom the theaters moved onto the Tvscreen.  Within the past due 80s and 90s, cartoons started out to shift in the direction of an older demographic. From the late 90s to today, 2danimation is still very distinguished. Numerous of today’s cartoons, together with SpongeBob Square pants, use computers to help create 2d animations.

 These days’ animation cells are frequently photographed and stored digitally, taking into account easy organization and garage of cells. This process canalso be used to digitally upload color tocharacters, instead of having tohand-paint each and every frame. Some cartoons additionally combine using 2d and 3D animations, together with the extra current episodes of TheSimpsons and circle of relatives’ guy.Animations also can be absolutely digital.

 Packages consisting of Adobe Flash can make complete animations the use of just a laptop. Flash also can make in-between frames automatically, substantially reducing the widevariety of unique drawings that need to be made. One huge gain of theusage of a computer program isthat numerous smaller things, including colour and frame-fee, may be changed inan instant. This gives users whole control of their cartoons.

 Virtual 2d animations arebecoming very popular and prominent.2d animation has come anextended way. From Fantasmagorie in 1908 to the countless cartoons and Flash animations of today, 2d animationhas added visitors into incredible worlds and places most effective thought viable thru creativeness.This time-ingesting manner has been made easier as the years cross with the aid of. Despite the fact that 3d animations are getting very popular, there’ll continually be a place for 2danimation.2D animation in Pakistan.

If we talk abouthistory of 2d hand drawn animation in Pakistan, unfortunately there is no workis done on 2d animation. In Pakistan animation process is started seeing in90’s advertisement on Ptv. Dentonic animated add is one of the first animatedadd appear on Ptv, It was 2d animated add, people think of it as first animatedadd by Pakistan but it was created by an Italian artist.Meena animationseries which was released in 1998, and people also consider it as animationseries by Pakistan but in actual the character of Meena wascreated by famous Bangladeshi cartoonist Mustafa Monwar, and was partly due to UNICEF, an organization that supports the growing educationalawareness of South Asia through Meena and her stories.2 The show has been broadcast in Bengali, English, Hindi,Nepali and Urdu in South Asian countries. There are 33 episodes of Meenacartoon.Withthe advance computer technology Pakistan’s first 3d animation series Safeguardwas released in 2015. It was one of the most popular animated series.

Since nowa lot of work is done on 3d animation technique, and 3d is growing day by day,But if we look around traditional animation technique there is no work is doneon it.Whenanimation started in 90’s all work is done by hand around the world becausethere no computer technology was there, and animations was made by using handdrawn or cell animation technique, so the countries who did work from that timehas a very good quality of work. Even our neighbor country India has releasedits first hand drawn animation film in 1957 “The Banyan Deer”. UsmanRiaz’s contribution:”Onlyin the darkness can you see the stars” Martin luther kingUsman Riaz appears as a shining star in dark 2d handdrawn animation industry of Pakistan. Pakistan has no background in hand drawnanimation and has no hand drawn animation industry. Usman is founder of ManoAnimation Studios and director of their first major project, The Glassworker.The film is Pakistan’s first fully hand drawn animation film. Usman Riaz was graduated in Communication Design at the IndusValley School of Arts and Architecture.

  The first trailer of a short film has beenreleased in October 2015 and full movie will be released soon. Usman Riaz isalso a composer.His work is inspired by Ghibli studio and Disney Sudio. Usman also awarded with National Innovation Awards – Special Award forYoung Innovative Talent from the Pakistan Innovation Foundation – PIF. Previous winnersof this National Medal include The Second Floor (T2F) and Coke Studio.

3                                                                   i.           Special Award for Young Innovative Talent from the PakistanInnovation Foundation(a) The Glassworker (first hand drawn 2danimated film)The Glassworker, which is being made by Mano Animation Studios, UsmanRiaz is the director, writer and animator of the film. Music of the film isalso composed by Usman Riaz. The Glassmaker is a coming-of-age story about ayoung boy named Vincent, who is learning the art of glassblowing from hisfather in their Glass Shop. As he grows older he begins to fall in love with afrequent visitor of the shop , a young girl named Alliz.

The film will followmain characters, the glassworker Vincent and his regular customer/violinistAlliz through their developing years as life gets more complicated and inhibitstheir relationship. It will be a comment on the effects of war on children andjust explore the bond between the two main characters.”4Technique and style of film is inspired byJapanese art, In his every talk and interview he mentioned about hisinspiration from Ghibli studio and Disney studio and mention artist HayaoMiyazaki, Kyle Miyazaki, Esau Takahata and MakotoShinkai work.There are 22 members of  Mano Animation Studios team includes  people from Pakistan, Malaysia, United Statesbut they hope to have 25 people by the end of 2017 and by 2018, 30 people onthe team.The film is in urdu and the Mariam Riaz (assistantdirector) is voice of a Alliz and search for Vincent’s voice is still on.5(b) Work styleUsman’s work is highly influenced by Studio Ghibli andDisney Studio. Since his child he used to watch Ghibli animatedfilms. In one of his ted talk he told about his obsession with Japanese art.

Tounderstand techniques of Japanese artist he read a lot of books and interviewsand also follows people who worked with studio. As he is highly influenced by Japaneseart he decided to made his own story board and writing his own story.                                                        i.           Learning from the master Hayaomiyazak’s book (Usman Riaz’s storyboards alongside Hayaomiyazaki)Usman, while explaining how the processworks, shares that the most import thing for an animated film is thestoryboards.”It is the roadmap for our animators to move forward,” Usman tellsInstep.

  “In order to understand a project like this, you have to firstunderstand how animation happens. Everything is planned ahead. I draw a frame.We sit down and decide what elements remain static and what won’t.”6 (c) Inspiration from Ghibli Studio and Hayao Miyazaki’s workMiyazaki established StudioGhibli, a production house that produces most (but not all) of his films in1985. HayaoMiyazaki is the director of Ghibli studio.

Hayao Miyazaki’s art style is veryunique, distinct and combines both Japanese and American animation together.Many of his films are diversely stylized, mainly due to the fact that Miyazakitraveled to many different places as a child.  He uses a mix of innovativeanimation techniques to produce amazing landscapes, scenery, and environmentalism.7Hayao Miyazaki is perhaps thegreatest of all directors of “anime”, Japanese animation. He is famous for suchclassic animated films as Nausicaäof the Valley of the Wind, Laupta:The Castle in the Sky, My NeighborTotoro, Kiki’sDelivery Service, PorcoRosso, PrincessMononoke, SpiritedAway and, most recently, Howl’s MovingCastle 8In hisfilm Usman follow the same techniques used by Hayao Miyazaki. Character whichhe made is like Japanese style environment of the film is a mixture of east andwest and character speaks in Urdu language                                               ­­                                                                                                                                             ii.           Coverof The Glassmaker       iii.           Mayazaki’s Spirated away                            UsmanRiaz’s The GlassmakerIn (fig iii) there are two images one from Hayao Miyazaki,s Spirated away and another one from UsmanRiaz’s Glassmaker.

As Usman is highly influenced by Mayazaki’s work and he madehis film after knowing the technique of famous artist, so he followed same  techniques and style in his work in theseimages both artist beautifully made fire and handle lights and shadow andexpressions of characters in a exquisiteway .                                                                                                                                             iv.           Handmade sketches byUsman from The GlassmakerIn oneof Ted talk Usman said that Japan was influenced by the early works of Disney andadapted it to their own culture wewant to be part of that next generation of people who take it on because that’show it works. They want to make something which depicts their culture to. (d) Platform for 2danimatorsUsman set an example for animators and after thisinitial step people will use 2d animation technique and try to do work with newideas. By making Mano Animation Studio Usman give platform for artists who arewilling to do something in 2d animation. They want to make something whichdepicts their culture to.

Assistant director MariamRiaz tells that thestory of Vincent and Alliz, an important aspect is that it will be in Urdu.Mariam Riaz is the voice of Alliz but the search for Vincent’s voice is stillon.”Urdu is a pleasant language and we want people to hear its charm and beautyin this film,” says Usman. “We want the burger crowd to hear it and develop awish to speak Urdu.”It is a cultural thing, says Mariam and explains: “In someparts of our society, upper class, English is regarded as cooler. I used tospeak in Urdu growing up and it wasn’t common among my friends.

It wasn’t coolenough. I think it’s about time we broke out of it. This is a subtle way ofresponding to it.”9Mano animation studio is a dream into to areality for Usman Riaz, All he wants is to make beautiful work andgiven the rest of the team and their dedication to the cause of animation andto Mano Animation, the future of animation, drawing and storytelling inPakistan is all set to get redefined.



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