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A Major Issue of today are the cruel acts against test animals in class rooms and labs, these animals are literally being tortured to death by substances such as drugs, cosmetics, diseases, tobacco, alcohol, detergents and other poisons.
After all these acts of cruelty such as locking animals in complete darkness, sending them crazy, turning them in to drug addicts inflicting diseases on them such as aids and Cancer, sending them blind or deaf, and there has even been cases of dogs being stiched together, and many cases of mice, rabbits, guinea pigs and even monkeys having cosmetics, detergents and other household products rubbed into thier shaven skin and having it dripped into thier eyes all while being under no anesthetic at all and for what reason, what does this achieve we are only finding out things we already know such as we know smoking causes cancer, drinkig ruins the liver and we know the side effects of drugs on humans and the results from these experiments are not totally 100% accurate anyway because animals are different to humans.
In high schools around the world hundreds and thousands of animals are killed and dissected in science and biology classes simply to learn the anatomy of a frog or rat for example. For what reason do they teach this? So we can know how to inflict cruelty towards animals. In most of these cases children are forced to do so and if they chose not to inflict these cruel acts towards a helpless animal they will suffer as well by a loss of marks or fail in sum classes. So why does our education system still make us do this and for what reason.
After years of science and technology why do we still use these unreliable and cruel sources to find out little or no informantion about cures for diseases and why after all this time couldn’t they be spending time and money on preventing these diseses in the first place by changing the environment around them instead of using all these inhumane tests on all these animals to prove nothing.
We are constantly hearing on the news and other programs about people going to Jail for feeding mice and other rodents to there pet snakes for example, or of people having there animals taken from them and being fined because they haven’t been feeding them or looking after them. We know these things are illegal. So why do scientists get away with what they are doing and these things are not accidental and they are definitely cruel and even barbaric so why do they get away with this?
These things should be stopped; there are new developments, which offer alternative techniques for testing cosmetics and so on. One way we can abolish animal testing is to increase the costs of the laboratory animals or by only purchasing products that have not been tested on animals.
Scientists have developed these new tests which should stop the endless murder of test animals. Such things as tissue, cell and organ cultures are a leading alternative. They involve growing a piece of living flesh and multiplying it in test tubes. Another alternative is epidemiological surveys; these involve studies that involve human volunteers. Case studies and an autopsy can also show the cause of human diseases, much more accurately than an animal test would.
The list of alternatives can go on and on, so why must all these defenseless animals go on suffering. It is almost the end of the 20th century, which has seen so many new scientific developments. So after all this I hope that scientist stop using this cruel and unreliable source of test animals and start using these new alternatives.


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