Animal cancers cellsWhy animals?Animal testing is a way

Animal testing has contributed to many life saving with the discovery of cures and treatment. Humans shares about 95% of genes with a mice, which make them one of the most effective model for experiment on human body.1.How Animal testing benefits us from kidney failureAn average of 5,000 people will develop kidney failure every year and one-third of people with kidney failure would had pass away without a regular dialysis or kidney transplant.

Animal experiments Joseph E. Murray and a few scientists were involved an experimentIn order to master those surgical technique for organ transplantation, it was carried out on pig and dogs in 1950’s. However, after the surgical technique was perfected. Rejection of new organ became the major problem.

That’s when Cyclosporine came in and deal with it. It was discovered in 1972, which is extracted from a type of fungus, And was tested on mice and found that it helps to prevent the rejection of a new organ in mice. Thereafter, was tested on dogs that have undergone organ transplant, thus resulting in a 3 times increase in survival rate thanks to Cyclosporine.What’s animal testing has done for humans? Without animal testing, it would be impossible for human-being to perfected the surgical technique and many more would had pass away without surgery.With the help of animal testing, around 16,000 kidney patients benefited from kidney transplants each year, without the need to go for regular dialysis anymore.2.

How Animals testing benefits us from cancerResearch show that every 1 out of 10 women will diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Animal experimentsIn 1960’s scientist research that hormone changes can influence the breast tumors cells in rats. Which led to development of Tamoxifen which was discovered in 1967After further experiment with animal testing, it show a positive result of preventing the growth of cancers cellsWhy animals?Animal testing is a way where human can do research and find cure for a illness before testing it on humanWhat’s it done for humans?With the help of animal testing, scientist was able to find a treatment for breast cancer. Today, breast cancer is of one the second most survivable female cancer, with a increase of 77% in survival rate.

Tamoxifen was introduced in the 90s, is a medication that is used to help prevent and treat breast cancer in women or men by stopping the growth of hormone breast cancer cells, which had lead to 30% decrease in death rates from breast cancer. Today Tamoxifen has proven that it can help to prevent breast cancer in high-risk women.


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