Angelas Ashes Book


The novel Angela’s Ashes is written by Frank McCourt. The novel is so moving to an extent that it makes the person who reads it experience sad moments on the author’s life during his childhood. The author tries to create a picture on how poverty encountered his family during his childhood.

He also tells on how his family survived amidst filthy rags, shortage of food, poor health and above all getting some infections. The head of the family in this case the father seams to be so alcoholic and the children are seen to vanish.

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Relationship Between Frank and His Parents

Despite their encountered on poverty Franks also had some misunderstanding on the relationship with his father who seemed to love him very much but unfortunately he could not provide any kind of help to his family and even take full responsibilities as a father. His father turned to be an alcoholic and Frank perceived that this is what is really taking away the money hence he developed some misunderstanding between him and his father. However to some extent Frank was right when he observed the alcoholism of his father and noticed that it was contributing greatly to their unhappy lifestyle in Ireland. But Frank did not take it to be so rigid to him as well as the church. In its place he continued doing the very best at whatever he can to make ends meet. Frank spent nearly all of his early days in the slums of Ireland until he got to the age of 19 and went back to the United States The kind of life Frank was raised in clearly reflects on his relationship with his parents.

For frank it was like a journey of not an ordinary childhood and this made him to grow up being humble to an extent of helping some other less fortunate people on his telegram means without any charges and yet he was not expected to. His mother also at some given point invited some unfamiliar people for a cup of tea. This to some extent also creates some feeling that the parents of Frank were just but indoctrinating their Children to make them believe in different religions apart from Catholic. They showed them that the Catholic religion had no deliverance but was like a disaster to them. This made Frank to be forced to take over the responsibilities of a parent of his own at his little age. He looked for a way to provide his family with funds.

Frank had very strong bonding relationship with his parents despite of the misfortunes. At some point Frank saw his father standing in a corner without shoes and yet the room was freezing and at this point he showed his natural kindness to him by giving him some raisin from his bun. This kind of relationship shows us how Frank made a decision to love his parents as he shared caring moments with them more especially his father. The circumstances their family had been facing later improved following Margaret’s delivery. Margaret became the parents’ much loved child and hence this made their father to stop wasting funds on alcohol.

However this happiness did not last for long since Margaret at his baby age died of pneumonia. This made Franks mother to have some depression and his father again went back alcohol which intensified his general confidence and made him to conduct himself abusively. This is seen when he Stood at the middle a street and said ” tells the world to step outside, I am ready to fight and die.” (McCourt, 136) At some point Franks father served at a Mass when he was still a child hence he took his time to teach his son Frank also everything he needed to know in order to become an altar boy just like him.

A part from his understanding and thoughts Franks father had some positive qualities. He told Frank creative stories and took him away to a planet of imaginations where he could not remember their hardships. His father at long last went to work in England and left his family.

Because Frank still loved his parents he took on his father’s responsibility. This is seen when he appears to have inherited his father’s thoughts the way he used to make stories which he also in the same way told to his brothers. In addition to that he told them of his adventures.

Frank without delay started becoming the family’s main source of income. Although he still suffered from uncomfortable eyes, he began to earn some funds. This shows that indeed Frank had learned a lot from his father’s mistakes.

Frank took good care of his mother and made sure that she was always comfortable and treated reasonably His father still never stopped drinking was still an itinerant he kept on drinking while in America as well as England. He forgot about his family and desired for harmony in his moribund years. However Franks father returned back home after some time.

At some point when he returned he could say that “there was a pox on all their houses,” and then make some conversation with the women from the town of Anderson. (McCourt, 11) The only thing that Franks Father had changed was that he no longer smoked or even laid a hand on alcohol and this was the positive end that even Frank had to learn from. However as soon as he turned into a better life, Franks father took his last breathe in the Royal Hospital by the name Victoria


In conclusion I can say that Frank had a good relationship with his parent despite the many challenges he faced in life. He was so loving, careering, forgiving, faithful and merciful. Some of his good characters he acquired them from his parents.

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