And on the after effects of the atomic

And during the World War II when the Americansinvaded and occupied Japan and also the remainder of the atomic bombrepresented death and rebirth, it had helped the Japanese to rise up. There aretwo main themes that surrounds hope that is rising from the endless devastationand also how the obsession of man’s that used technology to conquer the nature.The idea of connecting the two main themes by the audiences in the postwar andmid 1980s-1990s time period is kind of a protecting mechanism, which is a wayfor the Japanese to deal with the tragedies and horrors of the war, which is atype of scarring that won’t leave them overnight and it’s a way of tellingthemselves that they can and will overcome this horrifying tragedy. Overall theatomic bomb had a big and powerful impact on the themes of Japanese manga,where it said that the evolution of manga is a reminder to us about what we canlearn about Japan and USA policy from Japan’s feeling toward the establishmentof their own view on the policy issues through the study of anime and mangathat comes in different genres of fantasy, science fiction, and other typesthat is out there.

The impact had brought different perspective and idealismwith its own type of response to the atomic bombs in World War II, which meansthat the Japanese had imagined these catastrophic events in a way that affectedtheir psyche, which can be seen through their work by different various ofartists. There are numerous of “anime” and “manga” that are made into animationand brought to life through moving pictures on films, that are based on theafter effects of the atomic bomb, and the mindsets and attitudes of theJapanese that was directly caused from the War. But other than hope, Japaneseanime shows the references that the atomic bomb is seemed to echo a changewhich means the change comes in the form of a new world which emerges after anold world has been destroyed, with the bad and good being changed too, insteadwhere the Western tradition shows that everything that has to do with evil isdestroyed and leaving only the good.

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