and on important things so being that they

and reserving facilities this would be, Catering, Location, setting up the programme and finally preparing and distributing documents.
With the skills required to be an effective event organiser we would see that there would be many being Organisational, Problem solving, Time management, Negotiation, Communication, Interpersonal. With Organisational we would see that this skill would be that they make sure everything runs smooth, taking notes for every meeting they attend to, also to organise rooms, facilities, maps and signs and finally, being able to organise files in order for easy access note down number of attendees. With problem solving this skill would be where the organiser would talk to attendees, find out issues and dealing it, making revisions, and being able to monitor outcomes and deal with unexpected, can’t solve problem but minimise impact, finally, Creative, sympathetic, quick response, knowledgeable and assertive. With Time management, this skill would be where they would keep track on important things so being that they don’t waste people’s times for example wasting time on irrelevant tasks and multi-tasking so they don’t complete anything. With Negotiation we would see that what that would be is many things being date, price, time, numbers, what facilities are on offer, being fair and being clear, being prepared and finally being good at listening. With Communication we would see that this would be when the organiser would have good verbal communication being having clear speech, not speaking to fast and not speaking too loud, and having written communication being good grammar, correct spelling and clear structure. Finally, with Interpersonal, this would be when they are working together they need to be optimistic, calm, confident and relaxed.


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