And challenge to society. Worldwide, the number of

And they Characteristic of elderly in four age groups
55-64years,65-74years,75-84years and 85years and over by; sex, race and
Hispanic ethnicity, poverty status, health insurance status. The youngest
age,55-64years,can be considered late middle age or near elderly, although
approaching retirement years, are usually still working; some are still raising
families and some are beginning to experience chronic health problems typical
of older adults , older adult (65-74), oldest adult (75-84) partial dependency
of other for care and occurrence of some chronic disease and oldest
old(+85)total dependency of other for care and occurrence of Dementia and
Alzheimer” (Schoenborn, e tal 2006).Also, some classified the elderly to
three age groups young-old  65–74 years,
middle-old 75–84 years and oldest-old ?85 years (Zizza e tal ,

profile of elderly people may include gender, age, marital status, health
status and medical history, level of educational, income. Population ageing is
a triumph of humanity but also a challenge to society. Worldwide, the number of
persons over 60 years is growing faster than any other age group (Who, 2008).
Gorman on 2000 define Elderly people “The ageing process is of course a
biological reality which has its own dynamic, largely beyond human control.
However, it is also subject to the constructions by which each society makes
sense of old age. In the developed world, chronological time plays a paramount
role. The age of 60 or 65, roughly equivalent to retirement ages in most
developed countries, is said to be the beginning of old age. In many parts of
the developing world, chronological time has little or no importance in the
meaning of old age. Other socially constructed meanings of age are more
significant such as the roles assigned to older people; in some cases it is the
loss of roles accompanying physical decline which is significant in defining
old age. Thus, in contrast to the chronological milestones which mark life
stages in the developed world, old age in many developing countries is seen to
begin at the point when active contribution is no longer possible”.


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